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Bordeaux France listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

bordeaux france listed as a unesco world heritage siteBordeaux has been officially included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites as of June 28 2007. This distinction recognises the beauty and unity of style of Bordeaux’s architectural heritage, which has developed harmoniously over the centuries and remained remarkably well-preserved. The Bordeaux World Heritage site is the largest urban entity to be so honored. It covers 1,810 hectares, or half of the city, from the outer boulevards to the banks of the Garonne.

A rich concentration of monuments in a dynamic city
With over 347 historic monuments in a protected area of 150 hectares, as well as 3 churches (Saint-André, Saint-Michel, and Saint-Seurin) that were already listed as World Heritage sites on the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela, Bordeaux had a number of assets to convince the jury. Continue Reading

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