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300,000 people watch Panagbenga flower festival grand street dancing parade

An estimated 300,000 visitors are in this mountain resort 250 kilometers north of Manila to watch the Baguio Flower Festival grand street dancing parade.

City tourism officer Benny Alhambra said the city is especially thankful for the special participation of Baguio’s sister cities in South Korea and Japan whose delegates wore their costumes in the parade.

As of Friday evening, all hotels and inns were already fully booked and many have to build their tents at camping sites at the Burnham Park.

The parade was lively as expected with the participation of 18 elementary and high schools here and neighboring provinces. Continue Reading

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Tips to Making the Most of your Travel Dollar

In the face of a poor economy, overpriced tickets and unnecessary fees Teri Gault, CEO of the, lifestyle and savings expert and frequent flyer who travels over 150,000 miles a year so has tips and tricks to saving money whether you’re traveling on business or with your family. Flying in and out of major cities, renting cars, sleeping in hotels, paying for dinner, Teri has mastered a whole system of getting the most value for your travel dollars, and still without sacrificing comfort.

Here is a sampling of Teri’s frugality:

Engage in conversations with the locals: Chowhound, a popular online food discussion board, is a great resource where locals and tourists can chat and exchange tips of places to go and things to see.

Choose lunch over dinner: Lunch menus are often a lot cheaper than dinner menus and sometimes they serve the same thing. If you have your eye on a really nice restaurant instead of paying twice as much for dinner, choose to eat out for lunch instead.

Save on croissants and orange juice: Pack food, this is especially important when it comes to breakfast. Some hotels offer breakfast which is something you should take advantage of. If your hotel doesn’t provide this perk go for a quick shop at the grocery store and pick up yogurt and cereal for an inexpensive meal. Continue Reading

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Finding Great Holiday Villas in Cyprus

Finding great holiday villa Rentals in Cyprus is as easy as taking a walk on the street and looking at one great holiday villa after another. Of course, most people probably want to rent the holiday villas and have things arranged before they go to Cyprus, so this article is going to share some tips on how to make that happen. It can be a little confusing since when you look up Cyprus holiday villas you end up getting over one million search results.

To narrow that down, use the expedient of putting Cyprus in quotation marks “Cyprus” and holiday villas in quotation marks “Cyprus villas”, put a plus sign (+) between the two and now your search should be much more manageable since you’ve told Google that you want all the words to be included and to treat ‘Holiday Villas’ as a single phrase. You’ve cut the number of results more than in half now.

Now you begin your search in earnest. Look at the top results. These are probably broken into a couple of different categories. First of all you have the big sites like Trip Adviser and Holiday Homes. These are great resources, but to get the best deals and find the true gems in Cprus, the best bet is to dig deeper and get into direct contact with the owners of the villas. When you do this, you can ask questions, negotiate the prices, and make sure that you understand exactly how to get to your holiday villa. That’s important! Continue Reading

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Spark-Filled Valentine at Marriott Manila

Keep that magical spark alive as Marriott Manila takes you to the most romantic offerings to celebrate the heart?s day.

Mangoberry Cake
Mangoberry Cake

Set the mood for love and surprise a sweet heart to a lost in time moment with Marriott Manila?s special Valentine room packages. For only USD240 net per night, she will surely glow like a contessa in the opulent deluxe room of Marriott Manila. To sweeten up the treat, the package includes a demi bottle of champagne and luscious strawberries with dipping, guaranteed to satisfy every sweet craving. Continue Reading

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