8th Daegu Photo Biennale Held by Daegu Art Center

It will be held on Sep. 10 and run through Nov. 2 in Daegu.

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Daegu Art Center (Director: Kim Hyeongguk) announced that they will be hosting 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale from September 10 to November 2 at a variety of locations in Daegu, including the Daegu Art Center and Daegu Dongsan Hospital.

Erwin Olaf, April Fool 2020 09.50am, Digital C-Print, 150x100cm, 2020
Erwin Olaf, April Fool 2020 09.50am, Digital C-Print, 150x100cm, 2020

Daegu Photo Biennale, hosted and supervised by the Daegu Art Center, is the only South Korea’s only photo biennale kicking off from October 2006 in Daegu with well-fostered photography culture; it is one of the three representative biennales certified by MCST in 2018, together with Busan and Gwangju, and the largest photograph festival in Asia.

The most significant feature of 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale is reflecting the "spirit of the age"; it is transformed into a new concept artistic exhibition showing the COVID-19 pandemic era with the increased number of outdoor galleries easily accessible to everyone, such as Dongsan Hospital, Cheongra Hill and Dongdaegu Station Plaza, while introducing the social media and non-contact programs.

2021 Daegu Photo Biennale also shows love for their venue, where Korea’s first international photo exhibition was held in 1945 and the Korea Institute of Photography and Arts was established; the special exhibition "Daegu Photographers II" is for finding the origin of Daegu photography culture and archiving local artists.

Benefit programs to support young artists will be further expanded; the Daegu Art Center will open doors of three festivals to public, "Portfolio Review" to discover and support talented youths, "University Joint Exhibition: Tomorrow’s Photography" in which photography students in nationwide participate, and "Fringe Photo Festival" to nurture up-and-coming local artists. In addition, a special exhibition to discover young artists will be held at the Daegu Art Center next year while preparing the biennale.

Among these, the "Portfolio Review" is a program that provides domestic artists with an opportunity for getting a consultation free talented planners and publishers to promote discovery, upbringing and working abroad. Artist Branding system will be introduced this time, providing customized support schemes which maximize the capabilities of artists, such as a lecture on how to make an efficient portfolio and presentation.

The theme that 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale will explore with 50 renowned artists including Erwin Olaf, Sarah Choo Jing and Simon Norfolk is "Missing Agenda(Even Below 37.5)" – in the face of unprecedented pandemic they will critically review the environment, capital, and discrimination that mankind has made, and also look back on the function and role of photography contributing to them. This exhibition will be taken place in Exhibition Halls 1 to 10 in the Daegu Art Center.

Another attractive project is "Photo Wall Project" planned by Jang Youngguen, in which large-scale photos cover the buildings in area around Dongsan Hospital and Cheongra Hill; it is the first outdoor exhibition in the heart of downtown Daegu, in response to the growing need to get closer to citizens. In this new representative program of 8th Daegu Photo Biennale, 20 famous photographic artists, including Eren Tanaka (Japan), Julia Fullerton-Batten (UK), and Kim Hyeonsu, turns the downtown into a photo space to present a vision of new visual art overcoming the COVID-19 in this pilot exhibition together with citizens

Other exhibitions are also prepared, such as Special Exhibit looking back on 21st century’s world with modern documentary photographs; "Heroes 2020" honoring the courage and devotion of those in the frontline fight against COVID-19; and "Encounter VI: Ideal of Resistor" introducing novel artworks of art photographers Kim Minjuchowon, Yi Hangu, Yi Yeeun, Jeong Seongtae, and Seo Jonghyeok, who were selected for "Excellent Portfolio" in the "2018 Portfolio Review".

Ticket fee is KRW 5,000 (adult). If you buy a pre-booking ticket online from Ticket Link by September 9, it costs only KRW 1,000. Various discounts such as group tour will be offered. Daegu Art Center will provide free invitations to culturally underprivileged people having fewer opportunities for accessing cultural events.

For more information of 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale, please visit the official website stated below.

Website: www.daeguphoto.com
Facebook: @dpbdaegu
Instagram: @dpbdaegu

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