HANOI, Vietnam, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 2Diamond is a momentous mark for the assembly of many top KOLs and KOCs after such a long time due to the gathering restriction from COVID-19.

The 2DIAMOND event conducted by Ecomobi on June 25th at GEM Center has gathered more than 100 famous Influencers, 20 leading agencies / MCNs and prestigious brands. Going beyond the main goal of sustaining the relationship between content creators with networks and brands, the 2DIAMOND event has opened up new income opportunities with an all-in-one monetization platform called Passio.

2DIAMOND – a gathering of multi-talented "diamonds"

With the guest lineups that are all big-name in the digital entertainment industry, it is obvious that 2DIAMOND is one of the biggest events ever for KOLs and KOCs. Beside the attendance of Hot TikTokers with millions of followers like Chua te Review, Pu Met Bay, Foxie, Vinh Gau, Kien Review, etc. 2DIAMOND also welcomes TOP leading experts in the field of Affiliate Marketing, MMO and content creation like Mr. Tran Manh Duy (Duy Muoi) – CEO & Founder of DC Media, Mr. Duong Manh Kien – Deputy General Director of Theanh28 Entertainment – a network possessing more than 300 well-known Talents. Besides, the event also received the sponsorship from many prestigious brands, including: Diamond Sponsor: LAZADA – OMUSE Cosmetics Brand, Gold Sponsor: – MAYBELLINE – CHURACOS – NEOGENCE – MKUP, Silver Sponsor: – LA ROCHE POSAY – VICHY – DEAR, KLAIRS – COOLMATE – EMMIÉ BY HAPPY SKIN – BANAWA – PTY ENTERTAINMENT.

The event 2DIAMOND has provided the most comprehensive portrait of the KOC profession, as well as trends and potential for future development based on the perspective and assessment from the corporate relationship: Brand, Influencer and Ecomobi which plays the role of an intermediary platform. At the event, the KOCs also had a chance to take part in the Livestream selling  challenge. Content creators have proven their ability to create creative content with interesting ideas.

Income booster opportunities with Passio platform

One of the noticeable questions raised during the 2DIAMOND event is whether there is any solution to help KOLs/KOCs maximize their potential, bringing value not only in terms of access but also business revenue for the brand. As the most prestigious Affiliate Marketing platform in Southeast Asia, cooperating with more than 300,000 content creators on social networks, Ecomobi has brought an all-in-one monetization solution called Passio. Passio is a platform that integrates 4 fashionable methods of making money, including: receiving Bookings from brands, receiving Donate from followers, Selling Digital Product, and Affiliate Marketing. 

By harnessing passions and strengths, KOLs/KOCs can choose a suitable option to boost income. Passio is the future, an opportunity to increase unlimited income for content creators in the face of a saturated creator market.

CONTACT: Website: https://ecomobi.com/vi/, Email: socialseller@ecomobi.com

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