Absen Selected for Largest Airport LED Display in SE Asia

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — When Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s operating company, Malaysian Airport Holding Berhad, decided the country’s aviation hub was in need of a serious visual update, VGI Airports  part of VGI Malaysia – was the first port of call and Absen (SZSE: 300389) was selected as the LED display supplier.

Absen Selected for Largest Airport LED Display in SE Asia
Absen Selected for Largest Airport LED Display in SE Asia

The airport spans 100 km² and is one of the busiest airports in the world. KLIA was designed and built as part of the MSC Malaysia plan – to create a high-technology business district in Selangor, Malaysia.

The teams decided that a digital overhaul was required throughout the airport, following the flow of passengers. VGI Airports selected a combination of Absen N4, Acclaim A2719, and A2725 for the installation, split into three different areas. In the arrivals area, Absen’s N4 created the ‘Digital Dream’ screen, an impressive 400sqm LED wall that boasts a jaw dropping 23,976W x 1,008H resolution.

Absen’s A2719 was selected for the Satellite Digital Impact Network screen to cover both arrival and departures. The same product was also used at the check-in area, while the Digital Arrivals Impact Network screen features a curved 7.3m x 2m A2725 LED wall strategically installed above the escalators for arrivals.

Absen’s N series and Acclaim series are designed for indoor display and are perfect for use in busy corporate, transport or retail spaces. At a slim two-inch panel depth, with a 1000 nit brightness and 8.8kg weight, the N4 boasts a vivid, lightweight display for all indoor requirements. With wide viewing angles and remote tracking, in which real time performance tracking can be sent and viewed from a mobile, the N4 leant itself flawlessly to the airport’s requirements, while still presenting the sharp colour and brightness uniformity associated with Absen’s range of products.

The installation itself began in Mar-2019 and was completed by Feb-2020, just in time to miss the massive disruption caused by Covid-19. Although footfall has fluctuated in the intervening months, the airport’s administrators and travellers have had plenty of time to marvel at its new look. 

"Passengers appreciate arriving or departing an airport that is fully outfitted with digital displays," said Nacho Perez, chief digital officer at VGI Malaysia. "Moreover, MAHB appreciates the new installations as they help to revamp the overall perception of KLIA into one of the best in class in South East Asia."


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