Accord reached on flying 267 Russia tourists to Moscow from Thailand

The number of the wounded reached 70 as a result of night blasts in Bangkok, said press attache of the Russian embassy in Thailand Alexei Bulkin, speaking in an interview with Itar-Tass.

According to the press attache, “the situation in the Thai capital remains tense; several explosions were detonated last night in the area of government buildings”. “More than 70 people were wounded,” he said.

Speaking of the situation with Russian tourists, staying in Thailand, Bulkin noted “with assistance from the Russian embassy and the Russian Transport Ministry, it was possible to come to agreement on dispatching 267 passengers of the Thai Airlines Company to Moscow on November 30.

The airliner is now being readied for a flight from the Utapao airport. “The Thai side discusses a possibility of organising other such flights,” the diplomat informed. “According to statements by the Thai side, it will take long time to normalise the situation with air traffic when the situation returns to normal at international airports,” Bulkin added.

“In connection with the present situation and the continued inflow of Russian tourists in Thailand, we recommend that Russian citizens should report their whereabouts to Russian consulates after their arrival,” the press attache continued. “We recommend to turn to offices of appropriate companies on questions of flight from Thailand and on questions of accommodation – to the Thai Association of Tour Operators.

The opposition continues to blockade two main international airports in Bangkok. Protesters demand “an immediate resignation of cabinet head Somchai Wongsawat. Demonstrators forced back police who arrived at the airport and do not intend to surrender gained positions.

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