Adventure Trip Magazine Launches

Adventure Trip Magazine features exotic destinations and “trips of a lifetime” just as many printed adventure travel magazines do, yet they will focus on trips that will be more attainable to the average subscriber. “We want to be the site that people can go to and dream up their next big trip, but we also want to provide information on places the average joe could pick-up and take off on a weekend adventure as well. We will keep our readers informed on everything from how to spend a week trekking in the Himalaya, to how to plan for a 3 day fishing trip in the Ozarks.”

In addition to the exciting feature stories, Adventure Trip Magazine also focuses on; the latest gear and gadgets for the travel industry, eco-travel tips, as well as the hottest adventure travel deals. Adventure Trip Magazine ezine offers a completely free subscription that can be read through any RSS reader. Readers can also casually stop by anytime they like to catch up on the latest articles.

What is an Ezine?
An Ezine combines the convenience of email newsletters with the editorial quality of a printed magazine. Subscribers pay nothing to receive the latest news on adventure travel from Adventure Travel Magazine. With subscription rates on the rise each year Ezines are finding a market among the tech savvy younger generations as well as the frugality of less traditional markets. Not to mention the eco-friendliness of reducing your paper consumption.

Authors Bios
Adventure Trip Magazine is proud to have several extremely talented writers on staff.

Kraig Becker
Kraig lives by the motto “All who wander are not lost.” An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hiking, backpacking, and adventure travel. For him, the journey is at least as important as the destination, and cultural experiences leave as much of an impact as the scenery. Kraig is the author of The Adventure Blog and the Media Director for the Primal Quest expedition adventure race.

Ben Burner
Ben became enraptured with the wilderness as a child. His mother took he and his sister on a road trip to Yosemite. “The great, granite domes and cliffs ripped into my consciousness like the discovery of a new world” Ben says.

“The day I first saw Yosemite, a seed was planted. It grew as I grew and is now a mature longing for the beauty of nature.” In college, Ben developed a love for writing and majored in English. He has worked a variety of jobs and it has become increasingly clear that he is only be happy when he is in his native element.

Ben owns Burner Photography and uses his interests in writing and photography to inspire others to explore the wilderness and, through the wilderness, their own lives. Ben hopes that he will instill in others a love for the natural world and a desire to conserve and protect our environment. He is currently working on a photo book of Yosemite. When he finds free time, you’ll find him clinging to a cliff face, swimming across an alpine lake, and generally charging headlong into the wilderness.

Peter Spiller
Peter grew up as a feral child, exploring the tangled chaparral around his childhood home in the outskirts of San Diego while avoiding bathing and civility as much as possible. When not running rampant outside or wrangled into clean clothes and shipped off to school, you would often find Peter surfing and fishing the grand waters of the Pacific.

Years later, Peter is hard at work passing on the feral-child tradition to his own children, while driving his wife crazy with his own tendency to never come inside. On most days, you will find him somewhere outside in San Diego, Southern California and beyond. Peter is an avid hiker, backpacker, and competitive big game kayak fisherman. Foremost Peter is a dedicated father and conservationist, teaching his children and others to love the outdoors while maintaining it for the generations yet to come.

Peter authors his own blog called Outside San Diego, and leads outdoors adventures for the local chapter of the Sierra club. He also gives back to the community by volunteering, staffing, and teaching a basic outdoor skills course called wilderness basics held each winter in San Diego.

Jason “Wade” Heflin
So far Jason has planted his feet on 4 of the 7 continents. The backcountry is where he feels most comfortable though, and it shows in his travel experiences. From summits to seas he finds culture wherever he roams.

As the co-founder of Outdoorzy, he’s known by his middle name, Wade. There he spends much of his time testing outdoor gear and writing for The Outdoorzy Blog.

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