AppGallery Continues to Thrive in Malaysian Market

The Malaysian AppGallery is continuing growing, bringing a greater variety of relevant and quality apps to Malaysian users.

In recognition of its committed partners in Malaysia, AppGallery has demonstrated the power of regional marketing to six of its most popular apps.

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Providing its customers with the most innovative new apps, the Malaysian AppGallery has continued to grow over the past year. In celebration of this local-market success, six partners have been selected to experience the value of regional marketing as part of a global campaign. Inspiring developers to realize their app’s business potential with AppGallery, the campaign is taking place across 20 countries, including Malaysia.

AppGallery: An App Marketplace That Aggregates Quality Global and Local Applications

One of the top three app marketplaces globally, AppGallery prioritizes the diverse needs of its worldwide audience by providing the best, new apps on both a global and local scale. AppGallery’s 460 million active users across 170 regions demonstrate the platform’s growth, with consumer needs a key focal point.

Huawei looks to local developers, inviting them to list their apps on AppGallery to meet the demand of consumers while supporting the local market. With innovative technology offerings and advanced marketing support, AppGallery offers a competitive route for developers.

Being one of AppGallery’s key markets, Malaysia has seen an acceleration of local app onboarding. Malaysia’s AppGallery has been able to provide customers with access to some of the most popular local apps and services they need. Consumers can now enjoy apps such as LINE, Shopee, Agoda, MyDigi App, Maybank2u and AirAsia, all available on AppGallery.

Assisting Partners to Grow through Regional Promotion

Demonstrating AppGallery’s commitment to growth in the Malaysian market, as part of the global scale campaign, six of the country’s most popular apps have been selected for additional regional promotion to further enhance brand influence. 

Encouraging partners to realize their business potential through targeted marketing, the campaign demonstrates the value of AppGallery’s supporting promotion. The six partners were promoted across television commercials and AppGallery’s regional platforms, featuring specially created video footage and supporting imagery.

Popular Malaysian apps on AppGallery
Popular Malaysian apps on AppGallery

As part of the wider campaign, AppGallery partners in Malaysia benefited from enhanced brand awareness in the local market, leading to an increase in app downloads and engagement.

Capitalizing on extensive marketing capabilities, the following apps received the additional support as part of the campaign:

  • Lazada continuing to grow in popularity, Lazada offers consumers an effortless shopping experience and claims to be one of the leading apps in ecommerce.
  • Shopee a popular shopping app where consumers can buy and sell, Shopee has millions of customers looking to list products and shop for deals and discounts online.
  • Lords Mobile one of Huawei’s most popular gaming options, Lords Mobile boasts of high scoring reviews due to its original, adventure-driven style.
  • Foodpanda host to some of the most popular restaurants and cafes, this delivery-based app allows its users to conveniently browse and order from local outlets based on location.
  • Dahmakan – another food delivery option for consumers, Dahmakan works directly with its local chefs to provide a top selection of popular food options for delivery.
  • Huawei Video – increasingly popular entertainment platform, Huawei Video provides users with access to the latest films, TV shows and series.

Each partner experienced a surge in user downloads, with AppGallery’s regional marketing resources driving this progression.

AppGallery’s Commitment

Through its commitment to Malaysia’s market, AppGallery has driven download figures and consumer engagement on local apps. By supporting developers in key market regions, AppGallery can ensure its customers are provided with the best possible app selection. 

AppGallery is dedicated to listening to its customers. Through its ‘Wish List’ service, users can submit the apps they would like to see on AppGallery, receiving a notification once it’s available. Since January 2019, AppGallery has onboarded over 580 apps in response to Wish List.

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