Are you looking for the best broadband connection in UK?

BT Broadband offer broadband connection primarily in UK and Europe for both business and domestic packages. This Broadband services has been voted best broadband ISP by the readers of Personal Computer World Magazine for the third year in a row. The broadband package prices are affordable compared to 1.Tel and Tiscali and according to the latest consumers survey, the ease of installation or this service is remarkable. They provide a user manual that wil give each customer a detailed diagram to help them connect their broadband modem properly.

BT actually sold broadband packages to other broadband and wi fi provider companies on a wholesale basis, and they then re-sold them to consumers.  BT Broadband is still the number one broadband provider in the UK. The equipment in use has been tried and tested over the greatest length of time out of any current broadband provider.  BT have received several awards for their broadband service from consumer organizations.

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