Arirang TV advertises Cities and Counties in Gangwon-do through One-person Media Creators

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Despite the spread of COVID-19, worldwide interest in Korea is hotter than ever due to the global craze of Hallyu content through BTS, the movie Parasite, and TV drama Squid Game, to name a few.

Arirang TV analyzed these trends and completed a project that reflects the rising international interest in Gangwon-do, a major filming location for Hallyu content, and advertised 12 cities and counties in Gangwon-do with six one-person global media creators. This advertisement is expected to greatly contribute to boosting the international recognition of the province and increasing the number of foreign tourists visiting Gangwon-do for the imminent live-with-COVID stage.

In this project, after gathering opinions from each city and county, the one-person global media creators visited the cities’ and counties’ tourist and cultural attractions and created relevant marketing content. At the same time, a total of 13 advertisements featuring the one-person media creators were produced and aired 700 times worldwide on Arirang TV, from July to August. (

Arirang TV advertises Cities and Counties in Gangwon-do through One-person Media Creators
Arirang TV advertises Cities and Counties in Gangwon-do through One-person Media Creators

The six one-person media creators who participated in these ads are global influencers with prominent clout and fans in North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China, and the Arabic region, contributing to the increased global impact of the promotional videos. The scenic spots in the 12 Gangwon-do cities and counties were advertised through TV and online advertisements. In addition, the global one-person media creators produced high-quality content by capturing places off the beaten path with their cameras and uploading them to their social media channels. This raised continuous interest in Korea and Gangwon-do and thus, promoted tourism in Gangwon-do in preparation for the revitalized tourism market after the end of COVID-19.

The scenic spots were selected with a consistent theme that corresponded to all the cities and counties. Arirang TV chose a theme suitable for each city and county, coordinated relevant promotional needs, and carefully selected spots, activities, and experiences according to the theme. As a result, the one-person global media creators were able to enjoy customized tours that showcased the regional themes, spots, and target locations for advertising.

City & county

Travel theme


The creators enjoyed the theme of history and culture along with the beauty of nature by paying a visit to Ojukheon, the birthplace of Heo Gyun, Heo Nanseolheon, and many other historical figures.


They enjoyed the diverse scenery of Sogeumsan Valley Park and the thrill of the suspension bridge, in line with the theme of highlighting Sogeumsan Mountain’s natural beauty.


Reveling in slowness and speed, contemplation and community, and tradition and modernity, they visited Goraday Village, Luge Experience Center, and several additional sites.


They traveled from Eco Healing Road to the Odaesan Forests of the Millennium, where you become healthier and happier the more you walk the paths.


With the theme of Jeongseon Arirang, they experienced Arirang Museum, Auraji, and Arari Village, the hometown of Arirang.


With the theme of Mother Nature, preserved since the primitive ages, they traveled to Daegeumgul Cave, Healing Life Forest, Chogok Yonggul Chotdae Bawi Road.


They introduced Dojebigol Sky Valley, Mureung Byeolyucheonji, and additional places where you can experience the sea, mountains, lakes, and nature overall.


They visited Jejin Station, Unification Observatory, and DMZ Museum, where you can experience the visceral pain of the two divided Koreas and hope for peace.


They visited Soyanggang Dullegil Trail and Wondaeri Birch Forest, as well as the Calligraphy House and Museum, for a trip entrenched in the theme of nature and culture.


With the theme of destinations for all types of trips with friends, family, and even alone, they visited campsites, arboretums, and Garisan Leports Park.


Considered a travel destination where you can eat, rest and relax at the same time, they visited the soon-to-open Legoland and Soyanggang River, and experienced the Chuncheon food scene.


With the theme of Cheorwon’s unspoiled nature and North Korea-facing location, they visited Hantangang Milky Way Bridge, Peace Observatory, and several other sites.

The six one-person media creators who participated were Wang Hong Ginger Jiang from China (2 million followers on Weibo and Izbo), Nalu Santana with a South American following (1.4 million YouTube subscribers, 350,000 Instagram followers), Tays Ginero from Brazil (300,000 YouTube subscribers, 140,000 Instagram followers), May from Mexico (500,000 YouTube subscribers, 60,000 Instagram followers), Nathalie/Yo’ Homegirl from the U.S. (130,000 YouTube subscribers, 20,000 Instagram followers), and Lina Hassan from Arab (250,000 YouTube subscribers, 50,000 Instagram followers). The total number of the participating one-person media creators’ followers exceeds 6 million, and it is anticipated that they will significantly influence the global spread of the Gangwon-do promotional content.

They were featured in the regional advertisement videos while traveling 12 cities and counties, and during the trip, created and uploaded an average of 100 forms of web content related to the Gangwon-do trip. The content has surpassed 5 million views so far, and the number of views is expected to increase in the future. It is expected to serve as marketing material that introduces and represents the sights and beauty of Gangwon-do to tourists who are interested in visiting Korea.

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