Black Desert SEA Welcomes New Mountain of Eternal Winter Expansion and Drakania Class

SEOUL, South Korea, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Mountain of Eternal Winter expansion and Drakania class are now available in Black Desert SEA. Starting today, Adventurers can explore breathtaking snow-capped peaks with the descendant of a legendary dragon. 

Black Desert SEA Welcomes New Mountain of Eternal Winter Expansion and Drakania Class
Black Desert SEA Welcomes New Mountain of Eternal Winter Expansion and Drakania Class

The Mountain of Eternal Winter expansion is the first new starting zone in Black Desert that both new and experienced Adventurers alike can explore. A land covered in a blanket of never-ending snow, the region offers various features including new monster zones, questlines, winter-themed activities, and a challenging boss.

Along with the new region, Drakania has also finally arrived in the world of Black Desert. The Destroyer of the Ynix, Drakania is a powerful female class who slashes her enemies using the two-handed greatsword, Slayer, as her main weapon. Her sub-weapon, Shard, can be detached during times of need to absorb energy from enemies.

Adventurers can also play Drakania in the new Season servers, which are designed to help Adventurers progress faster for a set period. They can now create season characters and grow them quickly using benefits provided throughout the new season.

In celebration of the Mountain of Eternal Winter and Drakania updates, Adventurers can now get the Black Desert game pass for free on the official website and Steam until April 13. During gameplay, they can also take the chance to craft the newest and highest-tier items Labreska’s Helmet and Blackstar Sub-weapon.

Moreover, a special in-game event will take place to celebrate Ramadan. Until April 27, Adventurers can log in daily to receive Nutritious Date Palms which can be exchanged for various rewards including a Classic Outfit Box and an adorable pet, Fluffy. 

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