BOLT Global launches “We Are In This Together” video series to foster community spirit

SINGAPORE, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BOLT Global has launched a new video series entitled "We Are In This Together" featuring community groups affected by the coronavirus, in a bid to provide relatable, uplifting and informative content to inspire viewers during the outbreak.

BOLT Global launches “We Are In This Together” video series to foster community spirit
BOLT Global launches “We Are In This Together” video series to foster community spirit

A short-form series, each episode of We Are In This Together features different sectors of the community affected by the coronavirus, and depicts the diverse situations that these individuals are experiencing and their ways of coping.

Fostering More Kindness And A Community Spirit

In its inaugural episode, BOLT interviews medical staff from across the world. Yucel, a medical officer who works in the outpatient department of a hospital in the Philippines expressed that now "a simple fever, cough and cold warrant[ed] investigation". Couples in a long distance relationship were interviewed in the second episode. Yiyi, who is in Australia with her daughter and grandson for two months while her husband remains in Yangon, shared that she is "online all the time", while other interviewees shared that they video call or chat whilst cooking or watching shows together.

"The underlying message behind this project is to illustrate the complexities that each individual faces in their everyday life because of the coronavirus, to promote more empathy, kindness and respect towards each other during this stressful period, and chiefly to create a sense of community even while we are physically apart," said Jamal Hassim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BOLT Global. 

Using Resources for Good

Before this coronavirus situation happened, BOLT Global’s interactive media web and mobile app BOLT+ focussed on sports content like football, cricket and rugby and found a niche market in underserved communities like in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. "When coronavirus struck, BOLT was affected as well, with less live sports content available. But we thought that we should use the platform that we have to spread some good cheer. After all, our platform was created to offer informative, positive and entertaining content that our users will enjoy from all pockets of the world, to achieve our goal of an inclusive economy, powered by the world’s stories so we dedicated resources to this," Hassim continued.

The series airs on BOLT’s Youtube channel and mobile app BOLT+ every Friday. Interested community members who would like to pitch in their stories and experiences can reach out to

About BOLT Global

BOLT Global is a digital ecosystem where users can stream and play sports and entertainment content in the web and mobile app BOLT+ to earn BOLT tokens and use them to redeem rewards, cash and sponsor merchandise in the Pegasus app. BOLT+ features a wide variety of content, including original sports videos featuring former Manchester United and England football player and BOLT Global Ambassador Wes Brown, as well as over 100 "live" TV and radio channels.

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