Brazil magazine features Philippines as “Paradise in Asia”

Department of Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano has applauded the Philippine embassies in helping the department encourage tourists and businessmen to visit the country, highlighting their crucial role in building the economy.

Durano made the statement after the Philippines got various write-ups from international magazines which include the December 2007 issue of Brazilian magazine “Viajar”.

The feature is part of the on-going initiative of the Philippine Embassy in Brazil, headed by Ambassador Teresita Barsana, to present the country to prospective investors and holiday-seekers.

“I appreciate the work that our diplomatic corps are doing to contribute positively to the tourism industry. The Department has the materials and resources to assist the Philippine embassies in effectively promoting the islands to a specific travel sector,” said Durano.

Viajar is a leading Portuguese-language publication that caters to the travel and business industries.

The magazine is produced by Brazil’s National Confederation for Tourism (CNTUR), one of the largest travel industry associations in this country and of which the Philippine Embassy in Brazil maintains active membership.

Viajar dedicates six full-color pages to highlight the country’s history, unique and diverse culture, as well as the various adventure, nature and tropical beach destinations.

Translated, the headline describes the Philippines to have “Tropical vistas spread out in more than 7107 islands, a paradise in the heart of Asia.”

Brazil is currently the leading source of tourists from the South American region. Visitor arrivals jumped by 16.1 percent in 2007 over the figures registered last year.

The department plans to further strengthen the country’s presence among South American travelers, in line with its 2008 goal to attract longer-staying, higher-spending tourists.

According to Ambassador Barsana, the Philippines as a holiday destination shows promise since it “shares many similarities with Brazil, especially in climate, has beautiful beaches, and a religiosity that is predominantly Catholic.”

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