Brunei reorganizing tourism council

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Brunei — After some ten years as a tourism unit within the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei tourism will now be elevated to a full-fledged department, within the same Ministry but under a Board of Directors, composed of both government officials and private sector representatives, chaired by the deputy minister and responding directly to the minister.
This long awaited and welcome change for the Brunei tourism industry will signal that the development of tourism as a catalyst for the country?s economic diversification drive is poised to enter a new and more dynamic phase, which will see a range of more proactive marketing activities.

With the objectives of contributing to enterprise creation and employment generation, as well as to improve the current occupancy rates in Brunei?s hotel establishments, Brunei Tourism will look at possible partnerships with wholesalers and tour operators to offer attractive and good value for money packages for travelers looking for a fresh and exciting destination offering a range of holiday experiences centered around Brunei?s pristine nature, Malay culture, ancient Royal heritage and contemporary feel with top-notch golfing, diving and other wholesome, family oriented activities.

With many planned promotional activities in the books, ranging from appointing destination PR and marketing representations in key markets and increasing destination awareness through various forms of publicity, to hosting educational visits for media and industry and planning joint marketing actions with industry partners, the new Brunei Tourism Board intends to accelerate the process of making Brunei a destination to be reckoned with in the region, and to take the necessary steps to rapidly increase visitor numbers, length of stay and expenditure.

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