Buckingham Hotel’s In-Transit Promotion : Convenient Option for Travels Stuck In Transit

Flight delays have you camped out at the airport?

Instead of killing hours in the airport lounge waiting for an errant connection, the Buckingham Hotel in Manhattan is offering a solution to travel nightmares.

With their new “In-Transit” promotion, patrons who book a room after a cancelled or delayed flight from NYC’s airports including JFK and LaGuardia, will have the cost of the taxicab back to the Buckingham Hotel (up to $50) taking off of the current available room rate. Buckingham Hotel rates start at $199, making this promotion a perfect solution and convenient option for travels stuck in transit.

This promotion is valid for a one night stay from November 25th through March 31st (subject to availability). Plane tickets and taxi receipts are needed verification for booking. This discount is valid for customers with flight delays of more than 4 hours and is not applicable for current reservations. For further details or to book, please call toll free at (888) 511-1900.

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