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Cambodia launches “one tourist, one tree” campaign to promote green tourism

Cambodia on Wednesday launched a “one tourist, one tree” campaign, aiming to promote green tourism and environment protection, Tourism Minister Thong Khon said.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

“We have already prepared tourism gardens in 11 provinces including cultural Siem Reap province, coastal Preah Sihanouk province and eco-tourism side in Kratie province. A garden has a minimum size of 5 hectares,” he said.”Tourists who love green environment, they can go and grow tree seedlings in those gardens.”

The launching was made during the celebration of the National Clean City Day, which was presided over by Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An and was attended by some 3,000 tourism-related business operators and students.

“The tree-planting campaign is a new and attractive tourism product and the concept will provide a good memory for tourists,” Thong Khon said.

“The campaign can be a magnet to attract tourists to visit Cambodia again to see the trees that they had grown by their own hands.”

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