Canada develops Federal Tourism Strategy

The Canadian government is developing a Federal Tourism Strategy comprised of four key pillars, Rob Moore, the Canadian Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism said here Monday at the Hotel Association of Canada’s 19th Annual Conference.

The four pillars are promoting Canada as a premier tourist destination, improving access to Canada while ensuring the safety of the country’s borders, encouraging product development, and ensuring the Canadian work force will be up to the task of providing quality service and hospitality.

“It is time for us to take full advantage of our country’s unique strengths,” said Moore. “By consulting industry associations, labor groups and other levels of government, we are working together to ensure the tourism industry remains a key component of our economic recovery.”

The Harper Government is focused on stimulating the growth of the tourism industry and helping to bring Canada to the forefront in the minds of travelers.

Through the Economic Action Plan, the government is investing in the National Trails Coalition, Parks Canada and its National Historic Sites, the Canadian Tourism Commission for greater domestic and international marketing; and the two-year Marquee Tourism Events Program, which has increased tourism spending and promoted Canada as a premier tourist destination.

The Economic Action Plan also provides funding for key programs that will indirectly benefit tourism, such as upgrades to rail service and enhancements to local infrastructure.

Tourism makes a significant contribution to Canada’s economy, representing two percent of gross domestic product and generating approximately 617,000 jobs.

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