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New app to end jet lag

Uplift Ventures LLC announces the release of Uplift, a mobile application that provides a custom solution to reset your internal body clock to your new time zone. Uplift eliminates jet lag and reduces your transition time to your new times zone with a natural scientific solution. Uplift enhances your most valuable commodity when you travel, your time.

New app to end jet lag

New app to end jet lag

Every day jet lag effects on average 500,000 passengers on 3,500+ long haul flights crossing multiple time zones. Jet lag symptoms include insomnia, disrupted sleep, fatigue, headaches, and digestive problems with no effective solution until today.

Uplift is safe, easy and effective providing relief with a patent pending system to reset your internal body clock in less than 10 minutes using a unique acupressure formula developed by Dr. Charles Krebs. Users input their travel information and the app calculates a specialized solution that is applied by following the app instructions and videos.

Krebs is the global expert in neuroscience and acupressure who developed this solution. With over 30 years’ experience; his vision with Uplift is “To create more joy and function in the travel experience”

After a near fatal scuba diving accident in Australia left him paralyzed from the waist down with his in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology he learned to walk again. This initiated a scientific journey of research and teaching that continues to this day.

I had to get off the plane after long intercontinental trips and be able to make complex presentations on neurology.” Says Krebs. Jet lag was impacting my performance, so I used my in-depth knowledge of neurology, physiology, and acupressure to develop this solution to resynchronize the internal body clock.

Avoid Jet Lag

Avoid Jet Lag

“We believe in upgrading your travel experience” notes Ted Finn co-founder and CEO of Uplift Ventures and we have tested Uplift on over 500 global travelers to confirm that it makes a meaningful difference to users.

Uplift is officially launching at the New York Times Travel Show Jan 26-28 in NYC. The Uplift app is available at the Apple Store or Google Play Store. ($9.99 yearly subscription for unlimited global travel)

Uplift Ventures, LLC believes in enhancing health and wellness in travel. For more information log onto

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Six Must-Haves for Traveling Women

The thought of traveling can be complicated enough. That is why it is very important for women to have these “must have” items to ensure a fun and hassle free travel.

Six Must-Haves for Traveling Women
Six Must-Haves for Traveling Women

First and probably most important on the list are tampons. Most women would probably agree that tampons are indispensible items for traveling women. Continue Reading

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4 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for a lot of things, like parties, casinos, and all kinds of adult fun. Everybody loves Vegas for different things. Tourists, in particular, love it for these reasons:

Up All Night

By day, Vegas is a welcoming place filled with resorts and hotels and wholesome fun for the whole family. By night, it transforms into this magical place full of bright lights and wonder. There is no bed time or curfew in Vegas. Party as much and as hard as you want from dusk until dawn!

Bellagio Las Vegas via Wikipedia
Bellagio Las Vegas via Wikipedia

Everything in One Place

Every cuisine imaginable is available in Vegas. Not only that, hotels, casinos, and other establishments have themes that will transport you to a new place. Do you want to have an authentic Mexican fiesta? Restaurants can offer that for you. You can experience all the world’s cultures in just a few days in Vegas. What’s not to love?

Fun for the Whole Family

That’s right! You don’t have to be over twenty-one to enjoy what Vegas has to offer. There’s more to the place than the casinos. Go sightseeing, take hikes on the desert, and enjoy shows like the Cirque du Soleil. It’s home to world class entertainment and entertainers.

Pop stars occasionally take residency in Vegas and play shows nearly every night! Take your kids to see Britney Spears in concert, or show them around the zoos and parks. You can entertain them in the day, and party it up at night.

Anything Goes

There’s a reason why all the best parties happen in Vegas. Plenty of activities you won’t normally find in other cities can be found here. Most people who cannot afford to travel to Las Vegas for some entertainment may play and fall back onto casinos online like Years have been spent to make Vegas the world’s playground. You can do whatever you like and best of all, no one will judge you for it. Vegas is definitely one of those cities that’s seen it all.

Las Vegas is one of those places you should try and visit at least once. If you do have the chance to travel, you don’t even have to stay too long. Just a weekend will have you experiencing more fun than in your wildest dreams!

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More Tourists to visit Davao City this August for Kadayawan Festival 2014

The city government of Davao is expecting an increase of visitors for the month of August when people from nearby and outside the region flock to this city for the Kadayawan Festival.

kdayawan 2014City Tourism Officer Lisette Marquez said they expect 14 percent increase in visitor arrival this month with 180,000 guests compared to last year’s record of 150,000 visitors.

Aside from the festival, Marquez said the city is also host to several national conventions this month. In fact, the city is already seeing a rise in the number of people coming in.

“Several of our hotels are experiencing high occupancy rate during this period,” Marquez said after guesting at the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM Annex.

Benjie Banzon, general manager of The Royal Mandaya Hotel said the hotel industry is doing good with either high occupancy rate or fully booked status. He said August is among the months of the year when visitors come in time for the Kadayawan festival.

He also attributed this to the efforts extended by the Department of Tourism in promoting the city’s destinations and its corresponding “a must visit” events. Continue Reading

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Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014 to end with a bash

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, the first international music and arts festival in the Asia-Pacific region, caps another successful year on its 3rd installment Monday, March 3, on the foothills of Mt. Malasimbo in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014
Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival

The festival’s five-day affair which started on February 27 ends Monday evening by showcasing another set of local and international artists who will surely entertain and rock the worlds of the festival’s patrons and first-timers. Artists like Unlimited Rise, Mellow Submarine, Late Session II, Toto Delgado, Coco Jam, Mad Professor and Japoy are on the last day’s line up of performers. Continue Reading

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Australia’s Top Festivals!

Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and millions of tourists travel down under to make the most of the beautiful weather, excellent food and fantastic culture. One thing the Australians aren’t well known for however, are their music festivals, but actually they hold some of the best on the planet. Search for international flights on, and get the best deals on airfares to these top festivals!

V Festival AustraliaHomebake

Over the years, the Homebake festival has become one of the most quintessential and hyped-up events in the music calendar, and it’s easy to see why. This festival likes to keep things Australian, and although it may not boast the world’s best line-up, Homebake certainly champions the feel-good atmosphere. Held each December in Sydney, the tickets are usually snapped up within minutes of release (just 10 minutes last year!), so if you’ve got a spare $90 or so, make sure you get down to Homebake.

V Festival

Dubbed the ‘people’s festival’, Sir Richard Branson made sure he carried on the success of the UK V Festival by taking it all the way around the world to Sydney, Australia. Now in its second year, the festival has seen some of the biggest names in music pass through, including The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Snow Patrol and Groove Armada. Not only have these artists given V Festival its own niche among the other huge festivals, but at $140 its one of the best values for money, too. Continue Reading

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Using Secure Storage For When You’re Away

Leaving home, whether for work, travel or study, creates a raft of logistical problems. It may be the case that you are traveling abroad for an extended period of time, or it may be simply unfeasible to keep renting your apartment for the duration of your time away. Secure storage plays an important part here, helping to alleviate the burden of carrying all your possessions with you. Further, secure storage provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are safely stored for when you need them. But when it comes to choosing the right storage facility for your items when you are away, what factors should you be considering in order to secure the best space?


Secure StorageLocation is crucial when it comes to choosing your storage. There are a couple of factors to balance here – namely the convenience of getting to and from the storage unit, versus the relative costs of space. More central storage space tends to be more expensive, in a similar way to residential or commercial real estate. Conversely, the further out you go, the cheaper the rate you can expect to pay. This means it is up to the individual to determine whether location or price is most important when weighing up alternatives for their storage. For many, finding a happy medium between these two factors ensures a reasonable price and some degree of accessibility, which in turn makes it easier to work in and around your storage requirements. Continue Reading

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Looking for a Holiday Travel Deal? Go Last Minute

Looking for a Holiday Travel Deal? With the rising cost of living and the squeeze on salaries, holidays can feel like an unaffordable luxury. But we should all make time for a break – however long or short it may be, and however near or far we travel. You don’t have to jet off to the Caribbean to enjoy a sunny beach break. You could take a short hop across the Channel or snap up a cheap flight to the Spanish coast for a few days on fun in the sun.

Holiday Travel Deal
Holiday Travel Deal

Last Minute Holiday Travel Deal

If package holidays are on the agenda, you can find a great price by booking last minute. It might seem like late holiday deals have been around forever, but they still represent fantastic value for money – especially for those with a penchant for spontaneous getaways. Continue Reading

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Four Awesome and Affordable Family Friendly Vacation Ideas

family vacation ideasTaking a family vacation can be an amazing experience. It can be a fantastic bonding experience for one, but it can also be a relaxing event that everybody can enjoy. But sometimes it’s not as relaxing, and more stressful.

That’s why it’s important when planning a family vacation to choose the right location. And in choosing the right location, it’s important that you don’t break the bank. Sure, road trips can be fun, but if you don’t win the 21st contest a new car seat can be expensive. Check out these ideas for awesome and affordable family friend vacations that your family will absolutely love, and everybody will enjoy.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a great place to go with the family, and with three airports in the vicinity it’s easy to find a cheap flight for everybody. The time to go to San Francisco for cheap is in March, when many hotels are up to 40 percent off their regular prices. Continue Reading

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Top Hotel Casinos in the Philippines

The Philippines, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia is a place with a number of Tourist attractions. The diverse culture, music and arts festivals and wonderful beaches welcome tourists. The Philippines is also a place with a number of hotel casinos.

Resorts World Manila
Resorts World Manila is a casino resort in Newport City.

The resort is a combined venture of Genting HongKong and Alliance Global Group. The resort saw a soft launch in August 2009. The resort is also a sister resort to Resorts world Sentosa, Malaysia and Resorts World Genting.

Manila Waterfront Hotel is another hotel in the Philippines which is located 0.4 mile from Rizal Park. The hotel is at 0.7 mile distance from Baywalk and 3 miles from the giant Mall of Asia. The hotel has a 24-hour casino, and in addition to casino, it offers a poolside bar at the outside pool and complimentary breakfast. The 22-story hotel has 502 guest-rooms equipped with Wi-Fi access, coffee makers, International Direct Dial and minibars.

Casino Fillipino heritage, a casino in Manila is open 24 hours a day. The casino has a 21,316 square foot gaming space which features fifty-seven table games and 464 gaming machines. The Casino has four restaurants, a hotel and a bar with 484 rooms.
Pagcor Heritage is a top Casino in Philippines which is rated as a well accessible hotel casino in the country. The casino is situated at the cross of two famous highways. The hotel is just few minutes away from the largest malls and airport of Philippines. There is a variety of gaming tables in hotels for customers to choose from. The food here is delightful, and customers are sure to have comfort mixed with fun.

Casino Widus, the extravagant casino in Philippines greets every customer with innate hospitality. The tourists can have here, a great casino experience. The ambience of the hotel casino is so pleasant that it soothes the minds of people visiting the hotel. The entertainment and quality food in the hotel casino is good enough to capture hearts of people.

Legenda Hotel and Suites are the ultimate choice in Subic Bay, which guarantees utmost comfort and entertainment to travellers. The rooms here are elegant, and so are the cuisine and hotel services. The hospitality is worth-mentioning. Travellers can take a deep-dive in the Subic Bay and also admire the marine life.

At Thunderstorms Casino there is a party everyday and the casino gives visitors the best service and stay. Fiesta Casinos give out biggest cash prizes, cars, jackpots in Philippines. Casablanca Casino in the city of Angeles is one of the attractive Casinos in Philippines with a wide gaming space. The gaming space in the casino features 121 gaming machines and four table games. The hotel casino also has 239 spacious guest-rooms that allow visitors to relax the night of their stay. The hotel enjoys best of both worlds with just 5 minutes distance from sanctuaries and shopping places.

Casinos such as these offer all the casino games you can think of, however the gambling industry has recently taken a turn for the better, or worse, with the advent of online casinos. Establishments such as gaming club casino hold many advantages over their land-based counterparts, including the same range of games being made available, and not least the fact that you can play these games at anytime, anywhere you are. The popularity of these online casinos, which also allow players to practise their games for free before actually putting money down, has become somewhat of a worry for land-based casinos.

This doesnít seem to have resulted in a reduction in the amount of establishments around though, as a quick look at the amount of casinos in the Philippines here can show. There are also other casinos in the city like Casino Fillipino Angles, Casino Fillipino Apo View Hotel, and Casino Fillipino Olongapo etc where travellers can stay and enjoy during their visit to Philippines.

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Preparing for your Holiday Travel

P1060627Yearly Holiday Travel is something that we all prepare and look forward to each year. When it comes to Holiday travel, there are some thinks what peoples usually want to do and also many what they don’t, but from such reasons they are forced to do.

Contrary to most people think, DIY travel is most of the time more expensive than booking a planned holiday. You will be able to save a lot of time and money if you let travel professionals plan you holiday travel.

If you are planning a holiday travel, then all you to do is to find a trusted travel agent who will arrange your hotel and tour seamlessly.

Be careful about the dates and schedule, make sure to check all the flight details to avoid cancellation of itineraries.

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September Escapes to Mallorca, Morocco and Maldives

September Escapes For Couples & Singles

The kids are back at school, which means flight prices are usually cheaper, resorts aren’t rammed, hotels are no longer full of screaming kids (or stressed out parents) and couples/singles can enjoy a leisurely holiday in the sunshine without the fear of a nine-year-old jumping on top of them in the pool. Welcome to September and a list of suggestions for a lovely sunshine escape to Mallorca, Morocco and the Maldives…

Cassellas de Baix Outdoor Seating in Mallorca
Cassellas de Baix Outdoor Seating in Mallorca

· Mallorcan Farmhouse Retreat (Couples) – from £423 per person

How about a rural retreat in Mallorca? Accommodation specialists Mallorca Farmhouses have a selection of lovely self-catering cottages and farmhouses that are completely remote with no neighbours, no noise, no set meal times and nobody else to have to share the pool with! Continue Reading

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