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Local Hotel Uses Eco-Friendly Remodeling Techniques with Power Tools from M&M Tool and Machinery

As part of an on-going company commitment to Environmental Procedures and Green Initiatives, construction crews for the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City recently utilized an increasingly popular woodworking technique to renew their exterior decking at the hotel.

Rather than sanding the wood in place, crews for Little America Hotel removed the boards, checked for any nails or stones embedded in them, ran each board through a planer, chamfered the edges, and then reinstalled the boards. To complete this renovation, they purchased the appropriate power tools and supplies from M&M Tool and Machinery. Continue Reading

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Eco Friendly Getaways: New York Times Interviews Travel Ecopreneur

When green travel writer, Jennifer Conlin wanted to research an article for her NY Times column, she turned to Dana G. Mayer, founder of Eco Luxury Lodging for insights about green vacation rentals. In the article, Mayer explained the growing appeal of green travel, “We all — being human — want to breathe air, eat food and be in places free of toxins. It just makes good sense. Who wouldn’t want to go green?”

EcoLuxury Lodging guest shows taking it easy can be easy on the planet
“Green travel is popular for three simple reasons: you can tread lightly; live better; and help spread the word. By making a choice about the businesses they support, guests can protect the natural places of beauty they enjoy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing waste. But it isn’t all about the planet. You live better when you reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being by limiting your exposure to noise and toxins. Green practices also protect family members with asthma, allergies and environmental sensitivities.”

Eco Luxury Lodging vacation rentals in Florida, Arizona and Norway were greenovated to maximize health, minimize toxins and environmental impact. The company has a green policy which demonstrates Mayer has done more than greenwash her vacation rentals. Continue Reading

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Eco-tourism: Where green and greenbacks come together

Flip through a travel brochure, and you’re likely to see pictures of sun and sand in Southeast Asia, of luxury lodges in the Serengeti, of scuba diving in the bejewelled coral reefs of the Caribbean.

What the brochure won’t reveal, though, is tourism’s dirty little secret: the environmental cost of your trip.

That beach in Thailand may once have housed precious mangroves, which were ripped up to make way for your hotel.

To provide you with a piping-hot shower and tempting meal after a safari, your Serengeti lodge may be tapping into precious water supplies, dumping waste in exchange and paying your waiter just a dollar a day. Continue Reading

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