Cebu Pacific beats other budget carriers to key North Asia markets

In the next two weeks, budget carrier Cebu Pacific will already have three major North Asian destinations in its roster, topping all low-cost airlines in Southeast Asia.

Cebu Pacific will start flying to Osaka, Japan on November 20, in addition to its regular flights to and from Canton, Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai in China, and to and from Incheon and Pusan in South, Korea.

“No other ASEAN budget airline to date services all three countries except Cebu Pacific,” said Candice Iyog, company vice president for marketing and distribution.

Iyog said the Philippines’ strategic location in the region allows Cebu Pacific to offer low fares on flights to and from North Asia while keeping operational expenses manageable.

“We are aware of the importance of the region to our country’s tourism agenda. Now that we are about make the Philippines a virtual gateway between North and Southeast Asia, we hope to stimulate travel activities between these two big markets with our trademark low fares.”

Iyog said Cebu Pacific now eyes to add flights to Australasia and Oceania from North Asia.

Cebu Pacific has been supportive of the government in lobbying for increased air entitlements between the Philippines and Australian governments. It said it hopes to get a share of the volume of business and tourist passengers from Australasia and Oceania.

“The Philippines’ strategic regional location makes it possible for Cebu Pacific to interconnect North Asia with Australasia and Oceania. It takes approximately four hours to get to Osaka, Japan or Darwin, Australia from the Philippines,” Iyog explained.

Osaka, Japan, approximately 2,678 kilometers from Manila, is Cebu Pacific’s farthest northern destination. The airline maintains operational hubs in Manila, Cebu, Clark and Davao.

Now in its 13th year, Cebu Pacific has the youngest aircraft fleet in the Philippines. It will fly to 27 domestic destinations with the addition of Ozamiz, and Surigao this month and 15 international destinations, counting Osaka in Japan.

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