Chengdu, China accelerates its pace of building the East Asian Cultural Capital with its appearance at the “Sichuan Festival” in Tokyo, Japan, 2022

CHENGDU, China, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, to accelerate the pace of building the East Asian Cultural Capital, GoChengdu, under the guidance of the Chengdu Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will serve as the main showcase platform for Chengdu’s construction as the cultural capital of East Asia, strengthening cooperation with international mainstream media to further enhance Chengdu’s image among other international tourism cities.

Encountering with the world’s culinary capital in Tokyo. 

GoChengdu, the Chengdu Outbound Travel Post is in action

Photo: Sichuan Festival Implementation Committee GUANG Tianbi LV zi
Photo: Sichuan Festival Implementation Committee GUANG Tianbi LV zi

The Sichuan Festival, co-organised by the China Tourism Office in Tokyo and the Japanese "Spicy Alliance", was successfully held on 14 and 15 May at Nakano Central Park in Tokyo. On the day of the event, Chengdu Tourism Theme Promotion Meeting named as "Encountering with the Culinary Capital in Tokyo, Chengdu Welcomes You!", one of the series of overseas events for Chengdu as the "Cultural Capital of East Asia" launched. On the event, the staff of the "GoChengdu, the Chengdu Outbound Travel Post" dressed in Han Chinese costumes, promoted the rich tourism resources and the long history of Chengdu to the local people and handed out brochures and customized postcards of Chengdu as the "Cultural Capital of East Asia", which were very well received by the participating Tokyo residents. The two-day event was a combination of online and offline activities, attracting nearly 40,000 Japanese locals, allowing each participant to experience an authentic taste of Chengdu while learning about the city’s exciting culture and tourist attractions.

According to the organisers, the "Sichuan Festival" is the largest event to promote Chinese Sichuan cuisine in Japan, with the first three festivals attracting a total of over 200,000 visitors. This year, more than 20 restaurants participated in the festival, serving up dozens of traditional Sichuan specialties such as mabo tofu, Kou Shui Ji and Fu Qi Fei Pian, to show Japanese food lovers the heritage and charm of Sichuan cuisine’s assorted flavours. The theme of this year’s event is "Ma Po Tofu Shopping Street", a special event for the most popular Sichuanese dish "Ma Po Tofu", where visitors can taste 16 different flavours of Ma Po Tofu dishes. In addition, Sichuan Festival of this year featured a special radio station, co-hosted by renowned Japanese linguist and Sichuan-born Japanese YouTuber YANG Jiang, and featured a live conversation with veteran fans of Sichuan culture.

Shaping a new international name card for Chengdu as the unique "Cultural Capital of East Asia"


At the beginning of 2022, Chengdu City was awarded the first place overall in China’s 2023 "Cultural Capital of East Asia". "Cultural Capital of East Asia" is an important branding event to deepen practical cooperation in the cultural field between China, Japan and South Korea. The 13th China-Japan-ROK Culture Minister Meeting is scheduled to be held in China this year, where the Ministers of Culture of the three countries will award a plaque to the city selected as the 2023 "Cultural Capital of East Asia".

Accelerating the pace of building the cultural capital of East Asia.

GoChengdu leads the way in international communications


GoChengdu makes use of its own overseas media matrix to effectively follow the pace of the construction of the Cultural Capital of East Asian. In recent years, GoChengdu has strengthened exchanges and cooperation with international media on top of vigorous promotion on its own media platforms. In one year, the official platform of GoChengdu has formed a wide attention at home and abroad with 100 videos, 100 live broadcasts, 100 topics and 1,000 news articles attracting over 100 million web views and over 70 million visitors. In the future, GoChengdu will continue to serve Chengdu’s tourism and cultural branding with high-quality content output, and polish the brand of the "Cultural Capital of East Asian".

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