Choose a Carbon-Friendly Vacation in Ontario this summer

Todd Lucier, recently trained by Al Gore to teach people about Climate Change has an invitation to Ontario travelers planning a summer vacation, “Forget sitting in traffic on the 400 and plan a Carbon-friendly summer vacation.”

Lucier, and his team at Northern Edge Algonquin have been serving up climate-friendly holidays for over a decade and this year his team is helping people make different choices regarding their summer holiday. Northern Edge Algonquin’s Climate-Conscious Traveller package includes a two for one train ticket from Toronto to Algonquin Park on Ontario Northland, free shuttle to the solar powered eco-lodge and complimentary Climate-Conscious Traveller t-shirt.

In addition, the experiences offered by Lucier and his team are decidedly good for the planet. They serve up locally produced foods from market gardens and local organic meat producers, guided adventures in Algonquin Park by canoe and sea kayak and hosted yoga retreats.

Lucier said, “We’ve made it easy to plan a guilt free Carbon Friendly Vacation! It’s good for the planet, economical, and a rewarding way to experience Ontario’s Algonquin Park.”

This summer, leave the car parked in the driveway and start your vacation at Toronto’s Union Station.

Learn more about Carbon-friendly vacations offered by Northern Edge Algonquin including: Quest for Balance, Yoga & Sea Kayaking Retreat and adventures in Algonquin Park include Morning Tea with Moose and Waterfalls, Wanderings & Watercolours Canoe trips at: 800 953-3343 or 705 386 1595 and or by visiting their website at

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