Choubao Luosifen launches the brand’s eponymous Cartoon Character

LIUZHOU, China, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Choubao Luosifen, a Chinese luosifen or river snail rice noodles brand, has announced the launch of its brand cartoon character with the same name as the brand – Choubao – on social media platforms. Choubao’s cute and adorable image has quickly gained popularity online.

Choubao Luosifen's brand cartoon character “Choubao”
Choubao Luosifen’s brand cartoon character “Choubao”

The idea for designing the image of Choubao originates from endorphin. Endorphin is an amino compound secreted by the pituitary gland. It is an intracerebral substance that is secreted by the body in response to increased external stimulation, which in turn produces a sense of excitement and pleasure. The character is a "happy fungus" that produces a contented feeling in anyone who enjoys a serving of luosifen. The idea behind the concept is that it can bring happiness to anyone who consumes the tasty food, by releasing the "happy fungus".

Luosifen is a local traditional food originating from Liuzhou, China. With the brand mission of "creating happiness", Choubao luosifen offer ultimate taste stimulation and pleasure through the ingredient-rich food and the fun experience it engenders.

Choubao Luosifen are now sold in dozens of countries and regions.

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