Co-building a “Beautiful China” – The Research Institute of Beautiful China Initiative of China Academy of Art Launches A-C-Tion 2022

HANGZHOU, China, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On June 25, 2022, on the first anniversary of the establishment of the Research Institute of Beautiful China Initiative of China Academy of Art, "Research Institute of Beautiful China Initiative’s A-C-Tion 2022" series of academic activities began. A-C-Tion 2022 includes three major parts, i.e. "Practical Chronicle", "Character Chronicle" and "Thinking Chronicle", aiming to present the beauty of China from different perspectives. Gao Shiming, President of China Academy of Art and Dean of the Research Institute of Beautiful China Initiative of China Academy of Art, pointed out that the Institute should open up new possibilities for art of living in cross-border connections, stimulate new ways of cultural production in the implementation, and contribute new humanistic and artistic energies to building a "Beautiful China".

"Practical Chronicle" – "Close-up: 100 Moments for a Better China" art practice exhibition presents moments and close-ups of beautiful China. The exhibition originates from the nationwide investigation of the construction of "Beautiful China" conducted by China Academy of Art in the past decade, selects 100 art practice cases and builds China’s first "Beautiful China" document database. As the core site of the action, the exhibition space is divided into a database and a study room. Each drawer of the database contains a practice archive. The curatorial team has collected the most detailed materials of each case as much as possible to excavate the whole process of practice development. Through whole database index, relationship diagram and case portrait, the document database has established a long-term research method for cases.

"Character Chronicle" – Beautiful China annual speech brings together academic experts, practitioners, social celebrities, media workers and representatives of social enterprises rooted in the forefront of urban and rural construction. By telling their real stories, 12 speakers focused on specific practices and pondered on the vision of the era of "Beautiful China".

"Thinking Chronicle" part includes "Urban and Rural Development Forum" and "Urban and Rural Questions and Answers Closed-door Meeting". The Forum adheres to the concept of "sharing" and has invited experts in urban and rural construction, think tank experts of the Research Institute of Beautiful China Initiative, designer groups, social enterprises, representatives of urban and rural cities and counties, and media workers to talk about their deep thinking on new ideas and practices in urban and rural landscape, social ethics, humanistic quality, industrial innovation, etc. under the new situation of contemporary urban and rural construction.

In the upcoming month, "Research Institute of Beautiful China Initiative’s A-C-Tion 2022" will also be carried out in forms of urban and rural questions and answers, keynote speeches, and online and offline forums, to gather social forces from all aspects and build an "action network" of Beautiful China. The series of activities will last until July 25.

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