Cocolemon Introduces Latest Drink: A New, Drink Blend That’s Putting a Zing to Coco Shakes

SINGAPORE, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coconut shakes are the new craze in Singapore, and they’re exactly what consumers need when the weather gets unbearably hot. So, Cocolemon is introducing the latest kid on the block, bringing zest to the coconut shake craze.

Meet the Person Behind The Brand

Cocolemon is established by an industry veteran with extensive experience in top hotels in Singapore. Before setting up his restaurant, he was a senior chef in Raffles Hotel. He specialises in modern food and unique beverages meandering between the wildly innovative and classic approaches.

The Inspiration Story

Charles, the founder of Cocolemon, has been obsessed with the idea of how lemonades, a healthy yet straightforward thirst quencher, can be introduced to Singaporeans. So he created his own unique lemonade concoction leveraging his rich background in the food and beverage industry as a chef and restaurateur. Moreover, with so many coconut shakes prevalent in Singapore, he wanted to give the world something distinct. So, he thought, why not combine his two favourite flavours – thus, COCOLEMON was born.

The Exclusive and Unique Drinks They Offer

Cocolemon takes pride in furnishing handcrafted nutritional drinks made only from natural and fresh ingredients. 

The Signature Cocolemon, a twist to the classic coconut shake, is made with fresh coconut flesh, creamy coconut ice cream, and an imported yuzu puree. The Asian yuzu fruit bursts with the tart, citrus flavours of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin. It’s stunning, premium, and boosts bright, exotic flavours, and it’s excellent for concocting and creating incredible blends that give zest to an already rejuvenating traditional drink.

Living up to its name, Cocolemon boasts a broad assortment of coconut shake blends and lemonade flavours. To name a few, there’s the crowd’s favourite creamy avocado coco shake, the very rich salted caramel biscoff coco shake, the super refreshing peach lemonade and the sweet and sour hibiscus flower lemonade.

Also, customers get the option to customise the drinks as per their sugar and ice preferences and top it up with some delicious toppings like aloe vera, nata de coco, konjac jelly and lychee pop.

Where To Get Your Glass of COCOLEMON

Cocolemon currently has two outlets, one in Woodlands and the other in Bukit Timah. Stop by today to try out these distinctive, flavourful, refreshing drinks.  

Woodlands MRT on TEL
11 Woodlands Square
#B1-19, Woodlands MRT Station on TEL
Singapore 737736

Bukit Timah Shopping Center
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#B1 – 03, Singapore 588179

Contact information:
Main Branch: 11 Woodlands Square #B1-19,
Woodlands MRT Station on TEL, Singapore 737736

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