Consulcesi: “Covid-19 The Virus Of Fear” An Italian Movie Regarding The Lesson Learned From The Pandemic

Science and cinema: Consulcesi presents the innovative model made in Italy for continuing education in medicine and disassembling fake news

ROME, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — "Will we be able to learn anything from all this?" The movie trailer of "Covid-19 The Virus of Fear" closes with this question, while a dying man is attached to a respirator.

Produced by Consulcesi, a company specialized in healthcare education, this movie is part of a broader education project on Covid-19 aimed primarily at medical doctors and healthcare professionals, included in a full series of continuing education in medicine (CME) courses. A careful fact gathering of what happened, which dismantles the fake news on Covid-19 through correct scientific information, will also be available to the public on mainstream platforms. Therefore, a project that engages the public not to forget the near past and to learn from mistakes.

The movie was brought forth on the idea of Massimo Tortorella, Consulcesi’ s Chairman who explains its genesis and purpose: "Covid-19 has changed digital education in the professional field. This initiative aims to overcome the traditional learning model through the concept of ‘learning by doing’ guaranteed by interactivity and technology. Healthcare professionals can update their knowledge-base not by reading slides but through a movie and testing their skills with decision-making articulations marked by algorithms that generate virtual interactions with patients."

The result is an 80 minutes-long film written by Manuela Jael Procaccia and directed by Christian Marazziti. Starting from the experience of Italy and China, among the first contaminated countries, the film retells the sensations that have affected everyone on a global level: the fear of the unknown, which leads to discriminatory behaviors and which feeds hypochondria and psychosis.

This project sees prestigious collaborations, including those of the virologist Massimo Andreoni, Director of Infectious Diseases department at Tor Vergata University; Giorgio Nardone psychotherapist of Strategic Therapy Center; Giuseppe Ippolito, Scientific Director of Lazzaro Spallanzani and Ranieri Guerra, Deputy Director-General of WHO. Just the latter, highlights that: "The EU has finally started to behave as such and the major international agencies have joined forces. Vaccines, diagnostics, drugs, namely borderless science can become the global public healthcare systems. We need the contribution of everyone, governments, individuals, communities: It will take time, but we cannot allow that the effort, the tears and the blood shed to have been in vain."

The film presentation took place under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Healthcare. "Coronavirus has taught us that continuing education in medicine and clear information to citizens are the solid basis for a head start," commented the Minister.

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Consulcesi: “Covid-19 The Virus OF Fear” An Italian Movie Regarding The Lesson Learned From The Pandemic
Consulcesi: “Covid-19 The Virus OF Fear” An Italian Movie Regarding The Lesson Learned From The Pandemic


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