Costa Cruises sailing in China, Korea and Japan this Summer

Costa Cruises has launched a series of all-new cruises between China, Japan and Korea starting from July: offering ‘hot’ new options for travelers in Asia looking for a short summer break.

The charming Costa Allegra, also known as the ‘Crystal Ship’ will be stationed in Shanghai and Tianjin, China, this summer: offering exciting journeys ranging from 5 days to 7 days.

These Asian cruises will stop at various popular ports including Fukuoka in Japan, a new destination for Costa Allegra, the scenic Kagoshima, the historical city Nagasaki; and Cheju in Korea.

Life on board is as entertaining as passengers can imagine. From Italian musical shows and star-lit parties on the deck, to Italian cooking, handicraft and language classes, the ship offers a wide array of entertainment for passengers of all ages. Gourmets can also enjoy authentic Italian food, wine and coffee all through the day and night.

Further extending Costa’s courtesy to families with children during the summer holiday, children under 18 years old traveling with two adults can board the ship for free, paying just port charges.

Itinerary Details

Costa Allegra 5-day, 4-night Cruise
Route: Shanghai – Cheju – Kagoshima
Departure date: September 8, 17
Fares: HK$3,502 per person (inside cabins) / HK$4,750 per person (outside cabins) 1,2,3

Costa Allegra 6-day, 5-night Cruise
Route: Shanghai – Cheju – Fukuoka – Kagoshima
Departure date: August 5, 10, 15, 20, 29, September 3, 12, 21, 26
Fares: HK$4,516 per person inside cabins) / HK$5,998 per person (outside cabins) 1,2,3

Costa Allegra 7-day, 6-night Cruise
Route: Tianjin – Cheju – Fukuoka – Kagoshima
Departure date: July 6
Fares: HK$4,984 per person (inside cabins) / HK$6,700 per person (outside cabins) 1,2,3

Costa Allegra 7-day, 6-night Cruise
Route: Shanghai – Cheju – Fukuoka – Nagasaki – Kagoshima
Departure date: October 1
Fares: HK$6,934 per person (inside cabins) / HK$9,040 per person (outside cabins) 1,2

Price above does not include air tickets, port charges, visa expenses, shore excursions, service charge and other expenses. The price is based on early bird discount for bookings 30 days prior to departure.

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