Cowboy Snake – An NFT project based on the classic Snake game – is getting closer and closer to the Open Beta Launch. The game attracts numerous investors with its engaging gameplay, various game modes, state-of-the-art technology, and appealing Play-2-Earn mechanism.

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  • Cowboy Snake


Orenct Limited has just announced the Open Beta release of their newly anticipated NFT game – Cowboy Snake.

Cowboy Snake is not merely a combination of different Snake games since it takes the best features from the game genre and adopts Blockchain technology to enhance gaming experiences.

Cowboy Snake is a survival game, which means the common objective is to eat and outlive the opponents. Players can either consume food items as their snake moves around or battle against other snakes. In addition, players can freely control the trajectory of the snake and speed it up however they like. The operation process of the game is simple but requires some strategic thinking and prediction to defeat the enemies. This is why the game is not only engaging but also thrilling.

Cowboy Snake provides a Free-to-play version that is designed for the sole purpose of entertainment. However, if players want to get serious and start making real money, new players are always welcome to purchase their first snake on the Marketplace before participating in the Play-2-Earn mechanism.

Cowboy Snake provides a Free-to-play version that is designed for the sole purpose of entertainment
Cowboy Snake provides a Free-to-play version that is designed for the sole purpose of entertainment

  • Survival game is now on another level

Despite getting inspiration from and other Snake games, Cowboy Snake has taken the gaming experience to a whole new level:

1. Play-2-Earn Integration

In Cowboy Snake, the longer the player play, the better the rewards. Should the player get into one of the top positions, they will have the chance to encounter Shenron – the boss of the game – and earn various NFT pieces or Cowboy Snake’s tokens as soon as the boss is defeated.

What’s more, players can put their rewards in the snake "nest" to secure them. On the other hand, they can finish other players and loot them before they can even protect their assets.

2. Different Game Modes

Cowboy Snake comes in three major game modes to give players a variety of gaming experiences. In addition to PvE (play against AI) and PvP (play against other players) modes, now Cowboy Snake is greatly enthusiastic about introducing the first TvT (Team vs Team) mode in the game.

The Team Deathmatch rule is simple, take down the entire opponent’s team and earn satisfying rewards. With a view to creating a gaming community, connecting players, and encouraging cooperation between strangers, TvT Game Mode will surely bring the best out of any players and help them interact with players from different walks of life.

3. Different Ways to Earn Money

There are three distinct ways for players to make money in Cowboy Snake:

  • Join Cowboy Snake’s game modes: PvE, PvP, and TvT. By implementing a Ranking system, players with the best performances will be entitled to our Treasury Rewards. The prizes will be distributed weekly to ensure fair competition among players. In addition, the rewards players earn will be proportional to the accumulative number of players in Cowboy Snake

Different Ways to Earn Money with CowboySnake
Different Ways to Earn Money with CowboySnake

  • Hold the tokens of Cowboy Snake: Cowboy Snake ($COWS) and Snake Rinium ($RIM). Holders of these tokens will earn benefits based on the number of their assets without even staking.
  • Sell NFTs on the Marketplace. Cowboy Snake Marketplace is optimized so that buyers and sellers can easily meet each other’s needs and trade effortlessly.


  • Open Beta Launch

In December, Cowboy Snake was listed on three major cryptocurrency trading platforms: PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. This has proved to be one of many milestones of this potential project.

In January, Orenct Limited is happy to release the Beta Test version for lucky players in the Beta-Test Whitelist Campaign that runs from January 8th – 17th, 2022. Do not miss this chance.

According to the Roadmap, the official Open Beta will welcome its first players on January 19th, 2022. In addition, the INO (Initial NFT Offering) of Cowboy Snake will take place on NFTB, Fam Central as well as other renowned platforms in mid-February, which will be followed by the Mainnet Version of the game.

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