D Jungle People: Evergreen for 20 Years, Ever Ready for the Next 20

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — From the jungle to the screen, from mamak stall to highrise boardrooms, D Jungle People’s illustrious journey in training has touched thousands of lives. 20 years on and marking a milestone anniversary, they celebrate being recognised as Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leaders from the prestigious Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2020, organised by MORS Group.

John and his management team in D Jungle People
John and his management team in D Jungle People

This award acknowledges change makers with the grit, foresight and commitment to positively impact the communities they serve in. Award recipient, co-Founder and CEO of D Jungle People (DJP), John Kam, emphasised, "Businesses and communities are closely interlinked – there cannot be one without the other."

Being at the forefront of the training industry in Malaysia for 20 years, DJP has served more than 500 organisations and 100,000 individuals in meeting their learning and development needs. "We’ve definitely evolved over the years. In the beginning, we used to run Leadership camps in the jungle. Today, we partner with our clients to deliver various learning solutions across a multitude of online platforms to help their employees grow," John shared.

John credits the company’s growth to the various community projects the company leads as it keeps employees grounded and focused as the company grew. Some of the key projects that DJP have championed include raising funds for a Learning Centre in Phuket for Myanmarese refugee children, organising flood relief efforts in parts of Malaysia and supporting street feeding projects in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

"20 years ago, we held our first AGM sitting in our neighbourhood mamak and never in our wildest dream would we imagine still being around and supporting the community 20 years later," said John who is truly honored to be selected for the award.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought businesses to halt in the company’s milestone year, DJP has been hard at work transforming. "The training industry is one of the heaviest hit by this pandemic, but DJP’s next stage of growth is right around the corner," John said. He elaborates that the company is currently focusing on making the next big leap by accelerating the digitalisation of all their business and training solutions. "We want to be around for 20 more years, celebrating more growth and making a difference to more people."

Contact DJP:

E: info@djunglepeople.com
T: +603-7877-8008
W: www.djunglepeople.com

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