Dinosaur Train Records 500 Million Viewers on China’s IPTV Platforms

SINGAPORE, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dinosaur Train, a highly celebrated, Emmy Nominated Children’s animated series, is co-produced and co-invested by Sparky Animation and The Jim Henson Company. The series has hit a remarkable current feat of 500 million viewers in China alone in just 6 months, since airing in November 2019. These total views are collectively from Chinese IPTV digital platforms in China, namely CIBN Cool Meow Film and Television, Tian Mao Magic Box, Youku, Toutiao, Watermelon Video and Wasu Fresh Time.

Dinosaur Train Records 500 Million Viewers on China’s IPTV Platforms
Dinosaur Train Records 500 Million Viewers on China’s IPTV Platforms

The animation series has also broken network records in terms of the viewership over various metrics on these platforms. Moreover, the series became the highest rated Children’s animated programme on most of these platforms within a short period of time, in less than 6 months.

In total, Dinosaur Train has 200 episodes of 11 minutes each and as of now, the current viewership for Dinosaur Train in China is attained from 132 episodes that are released on the mentioned prominent China online platforms. There are subsequent seasons of another 64 episodes that are slated to be released on these platforms and there is a strong aspiration of reaching continued levels of achievement with the release of all seasons. 

EmoFront is the main programme distribution and consumer products licensing arm of Dinosaur Train for Sparky Animation Pte. Ltd. Emofront and Beijing based intellectual property rights company, CAWRO Digital Technology Co., Ltd. have been strategically collaborating on the programme distribution of Dinosaur Train to bring this engaging animated series to greater heights in China.

Dinosaur Train’s Success in China

As of June 2020, the First Season of Dinosaur Train is available on CIBN Cool Meow Film and Television, Tian Mao Magic Box and Youku. The show is given 6,388 points on Youku, rating it at 9.1 points while the Second Season of Dinosaur Train, "Giant City Travel" garnered the headlines on three of ByteDance’s video platforms; Toutiao, Watermelon Video and Wasu Fresh Time. The Second Season of Dinosaur Train is one of the main featured cartoon series on the video platform Toutiao for 2020. Ever since the debut of Dinosaur Train on these Chinese video platforms, the data recorded an increase in likes, social shares with overall viewership numbers skyrocketing, making Dinosaur Train the most watched foreign dinosaur adventure programme in the Children’s segment.

Dinosaur Train’s International Acclaim

Dinosaur Train is a much-loved multiple award winning, 10 year-long children’s animated series that is already into its fifth season in the US, ever since its inaugural debut on PBS KIDS in September 2009. The series has consistently been ranked as one of the top pre-school shows on PBS KIDS. Dinosaur Train has also been aired in over 175 countries across the globe with key broadcast partners.

About Sparky Animation

Sparky Animation, which commenced operations in 2006, is headquartered in Singapore. Sparky Animation is an accomplished animation production and original content development company, which is renowned for its capability in co-production, work-for-hire and licensing of Intellectual Properties.

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