Do you want to Blog for Money While you Travel?

Blog for Money while you Travel! Try Smorty! It is a new paid to blog service that allows a blogger to earn more money by posting topics they love even while you are on a vacation.

Like other paid to blog networks, Smorty connects advertisers with bloggers. Since PayPal is already available in the Philippines, I decided to join to write about advertisers and topics that fits into this blog. After being approved, you will see brand new offers that you can write about. Once you accept an offer, you have a few days to complete it, and you can only have 3 offers pending at any given time. After submitting your post, you can take another offer and continue earning money and increase your Smorty Score. One of the things I like the most about Smorty is you are given three days to research and write your post for them and indeed Smorty is one of the pioneer in blog advertising.

In order for your blog to be approved, it should be at least three months old, indexed in Google and that have a minimum of 2 posts per week. Active Bloggers are paid weekly for tasks that they have completed regardless of the amount that they earned. Price offers will gradually increase depending on your google pagerank, alexa ranking and your quick responce to their offers. The minimum price offer starts at $6 but can increase up to $100.

If you have time to write about anything you love, Why waste it if you have the opportunity to Earn Money?

Get paid to blog! Join Smorty!

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