East China’s Weifang holds online global food and product expo

WEIFANG, China, Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — From October 23 to 25, the first Weifang International Food and Agricultural Products Expo with the theme of "Openness, Innovation and Integration" was held in Weifang National Agricultural Comprehensive Zone in East China’s Shandong Province, according to the Publicity Department of Weifang Municipality.

East China's Weifang holds online global food and produce expo
East China’s Weifang holds online global food and produce expo

The expo was held online, with a total of 1,030 enterprises including national and provincial leading agricultural firms, food and produce technical equipment, technical service enterprises and large e-commerce platforms joining the cloud-based event.

There were nearly 10,000 exhibits, and six online exhibition areas were set up to showcase national famous and special food and agricultural products, domestic food, imported food, technical services and commercial equipment, online best-selling products, and livestreaming services, which fully displayed new technologies, new achievements, and new products in China’s agricultural food industry.

"Each of our eggs is printed with a red code to ensure the traceability of each egg. It’s not that the darker the color of the egg yolk, the better. The real grain-fed egg shows the yellow color of natural corn kernels. The color of the egg yolk can actually be realized by adding additives to the feed," an anchor introduced the common sense of egg quality to the audience, in the livestreaming room of the expo’s online exhibition platform.

The exhibition also realized real-time interactive trading, intelligent business negotiation, full-link participation experience, industry big data information search and other functions, creating a new format of online exhibition of food and produce as well as an international exhibition, exchange and cooperation platform.

At the opening ceremony of the expo, Liu Yun, a senior official with Weifang, said that agriculture is one of Weifang’s most competitive industries and has formed six major industries of grain, vegetables, livestock and poultry, flowers, seedlings, melons and fruits and two leading industries of seeds and agricultural machinery.

"Weifang will take the holding of this exhibition as an opportunity and take special food and agricultural products as a medium to comprehensively strengthen exchanges with domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, tap the potential for cooperation and seek opportunities for cooperation," said Liu, adding that Weifang will strive to offer the best services to realize common development, mutual benefit and win-win.

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