Father’s Day Gift Idea : The Traveling Dad

Is your dad the George Clooney “Up in the Air” character in your life? The type of traveler who just might be approaching 10 million frequent flyer miles?

The Sure Fit Transit Cover is a great gift for the frequent traveler, business or pleasure.

Market leader Sure Fit Furniture Covers is applying its 95 years of innovation to create budget friendly and stylish covers for everything from couches to airline and bus seats.

The Sure Fit Transit Cover provides a barrier between you and the travelers that came before, slipping over almost any plane or bus seat.

The Transit Cover has been tested on airlines including American Airlines, Jet Blue and Delta as well as most commercial buses. It is machine washable and comes in the same signature stretch fabric used on modern sofa slipcovers.

Traces of E. coli have been detected on the faucets, doors and handles of airplane toilets. People take those germs back to their seats, where the next person who sits down is exposed to them. Even worse – the powerful flush of airplane toilets can spray bacterial water all over you, which you then take to your seat. The Sure Fit Transit Cover can help protect you against these germs and bacteria.

The Sure Fit Transit Cover is a perfect gift for Dad! The Transit Cover retails for $14.99 and it available at: www.surefit.com.

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