Filipino Young professionals bring home lessons from Cebu Pacific travels

Traveling for business allows individuals to adapt and be inspired by new surroundings. Young professionals do not only enjoy the different destinations but also gain new insights they can apply to both their professional and personal lives.

cebu pacific china
In between business meetings in Hong Kong, Christina visits tourist spots like Macau to learn about different cultures

Such is the case with 29-year-old mechanical engineer Edward Villona, as he gets to work closely with his colleagues in Hong Kong and China. “My work requires me to provide support to our various design engineering teams by working closely with international suppliers. Through these business trips, I get the opportunity to travel to international destinations I haven’t gone to before,” he explains.

A learning experience
Although Manila-based, Edward often makes factory visits in Shenzhen and Guandong in China. “Most of my time is spent on meetings about requirements and deliverables. With my free time, I go shopping for pasalubongs and visit tourist spots in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing,” he adds.

out of town with cebu pacific
Trips out of the country allow Christina to broaden her network and gain new friends

Through his travel experiences, Edward learns a great deal about China’s rich culture. He now knows how to speak basic Mandarin and can effortlessly use chopsticks during meals. He has also gone mountain-climbing in the Guandong province and can make comparisons between Shenzhen and the Philippines. Edward’s work sensibilities also adapted to that of his Chinese counterparts. “The people I meet and work with in China can be very assertive. They are determined people who give their best even if they might have a hard time doing things,” he shares. “Now, I try to be more assertive here at work like them. So far, it has helped me become more efficient and effective.”

Moving forward
Meanwhile, twenty-five-year-old professional Christina Limbo travels to immerse herself in different locales. Based in Makati, she handles the inventory and transport distribution schedule of her company’s retail sites in Mindanao. Her daily tasks require her to communicate regularly with customers and business partners who are based in the southern region of the country. “I travel for immersions and learning engagements in my assigned scope. Last February, I visited Cagayan de Oro and Davao,” she explains. “Days are spent in meetings, going around customer sites and interacting personally with the key people I work with.”

cheap flights cebu pacific
Edward sees first hand the high-tech industries of China in Huaxiangbei, a popular electronics mall in ShenZhen

Christina learned to value working with people from different backgrounds. For her, meeting new people makes the business trip more exciting and allows her to widen her network.

During a past trip to Hong Kong, Christina also saw what’s in store for young entrepreneurs like her: “There, creativity and innovation are highly encouraged. Young people are focused in developing new ideas for products and services that could possibly make it big in the future without budget limitations.”
Traveling has led her to grow more personally and in terms of business, get to have a fuller understanding of the possibilities that lie ahead. “I am hoping that soon the Philippines will be able to follow the lead of other Asian countries. Through the Filipinos’ creativity, innovation and hard work, new businesses can make significant contributions to the growth of our economy,” she adds.

fly cebu pacific
From his Chinese colleagues, Edward learned work ethics that can serve him well in Manila

Flying to greater heights
For the business-focused like Edward and Christina, every trip is a learning experience. Reaching different destinations has become more accessible to young professionals like them as airfares have become more affordable, thanks to Cebu Pacific Air (CEB).

The Philippines’ largest airline, CEB makes it easier for young minds to learn more about their fields of work and meet new people in different circuits. They are given more chances for personal interactions with their colleagues based in different regions of the country and even abroad.

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