First International Tourism Online & Marketing Conference December 15th – 19th, 2008 in Continental Garden Reef Resort Sharm El-Sheikh

Recognizing the growing importance of online marketing, leading Middle East tourism organizations are proud to endorse the Electronic Union of Travel Industry (EUOTI) online marketing conference. Speakers represent leading companies such as Google and Microsoft, leading international universities, the UN World Tourism Organization and Canadian e-Tourism Council.

Dr. Bandar Bin Fahd Al-Faheed, President of the Arabic Tourism Organization (ATO) notes the ATO’s care about spreading the E-culture and teaching the E-Industry in Arab Countries and the Middle East. Consequently, the “ATO is sponsoring EUOTI’s International Conferences in the Middle East to support this booming international marketing platform.”

ATO is sponsoring EUOTI’s International Conferences in the Middle East to support this booming international marketing platform.
Similarly, Mr. Amr El-Ezaby, President of the Egyptian Tourism Authority “supports EUOTI in its international mission to train those who work in E-Travel and E-Tourism to enhance their performance and increase their sales through the Internet.” As Mr. Mohammad Almehaizae, EUOTI Chairman confirmed, “The union’s main mission is protecting and developing the E-travel industry and providing professional training to those working in the E-field to enhance their performance and increase their productivity.”

E-tourism is increasing even faster than E-commerce and should reach 55% of the E-Commerce Sector during 2008. The phenomenal growth in E-Tourism is due to the growing reliance on the Internet, e-mails, cell phones and recently, Web 2.0 applications such as TripAdvisor and Yahoo Travel, and meta-search engines such as Kayak or Sidestep.

EUOTI’s International Online Tourism Conference, featuring industry and academic experts, gives Arab and Middle-Eastern operators the chance to learn and take advantage of the latest E-tourism trends.

EUOTI has organised the 15-19 December 2008 conference in conjunction with the world’s leading academic body dedicated to tourism and technology, the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism and tourism (IFITT). Conference attendees will benefit from a range of activities, tailored for both beginners and advanced online marketers, including workshops, panels and presentations.

Pleased to announce that the Electronic Union of Travel Industry EUOTI is launching its FIRST International Congress concerned with the Online travel business in the Sunny City of Sharm El Sheikh-Egypt 15-19/12/08

EUOTI conference will be managed by the international organization of IFITT together with the collaboration of the Arab travel Organization and under the supervision of the League of Arab states and The Egyptian ministry of Tourism authorities
EUOTI conference main objective is to create awareness , educate and update Travel industry producers and concerned people with the latest E-travel, E-marketing and E-commerce strategies to enable them to achieve best sales and profits with the minimum effort and human power , as recently proofed that around 52% of the world wide E-commerce is covered by the E-travel industry.
Conference Outlines and important Topics:

Web Development
Web Designing
Online Sales Techniques
Online Marketing technologies
Mobile Marketing strategies
Online Hotel Reservations systems appliance
Video online Marketing
Hotel & Restaurants E-Marketing
Travel Companies business promoting
Duplicating Investments aspects
Broadening The Horizon of E-Travel business

EUOTI, herewith extend a sincere invitation to all Travel business concerned individuals , corporations and properties to attend its booming international conference event and to get an official certificate approved from the leading world wide travel organizations of attending this unique in the middle east event , which will take place 15-19/12/08 in Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt

Looking forward to welcome you on the Peace, charming City of Sharm El Sheikh.

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