Guatemala Maintains A H1N1 Influenza under control

The World Health Organization declared the influenza A H1N1 a level 6 pandemic due to its vast geographical expansion. However, this virus is actually being well-controlled in Guatemala.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services in Guatemala, the country only has 458 confirmed cases of H1N1 (0.004% of its 11,237,196 total population).

Despite the number of cases detected in Guatemala, no exacerbated increment has been reported, as there have been in other countries, such as the United States, Canada and Chile. Furthermore, the Department of Health counts on over 30,000 Tamiflu medications to treat those who test positive for the flu.

Aware of the worldwide relevance the virus has gained, the central government of Guatemala, as well as other entities, organizations, and public and private institutions, has implemented certain preventive measures to avoid the spreading of H1N1. Educational programs and any information dispersed through mass media are also available to the public.

The tourism in Guatemala continues as usual providing that no outbreak occurs among groups of international travelers entering the country. In addition, public and private monitoring sectors protect the health and safety of visitors to avoid jeopardizing the touristic activity in Guatemala.

“The health of international visitors who come to enjoy the Heart of the Mayan World is our utmost priority, and we will continue to work with the Department of Health in the implementation of preventive measures,” said Roberto Robles, Director of INGUAT.

The influenza A H1N1 pandemic has expanded worldwide, and various strands of the virus exist. All countries execute the necessary precautions to avoid further spreading of H1N1 and alert their populations with recommendations on how to avoid the fatal consequences inflicted by this flu, thereby allowing commerce activities, importation and exportation, industries and tourism to thrive.

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