Hanoi Open Kite festival prepares to take off in October

The Hanoi Open Kite Festival taking place this October will just be a taste of what’s to come, as the International Kite Festival in 2010 hopes to draw 30 countries to the capital city’s skyline.

The national festival will be a good trial for the International Kite Festival, according to organiser Ngo Hong Tien. The capital’s skyline will be brightened by various colours and designs of kites as the first International Kite Festival takes place to celebrate the 1,000th birthday of Thang Long, the ancient name of the country’s capital.

Festivities will take place in three of Hanoi’s localities: My Dinh Square, Hong (Red) River’s floating land and Hoan Kiem Lake.

Enthusiasts will be able to head to My Dinh Square and Hoan Kiem Lake to watch the traditional and creatively designed kites take flight. The ideal locations will provide craftsmen plenty of opportunities to show off their designs while audiences can revel in watching the artistic beauties flutter in the sky.

International kite clubs will show their skills in flying uniquely designed two or four-string kites, said Tien, from the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

“We will also hold a day of kite fighting in the square. This is a traditional game in the Indian subcontinent and west Asia. I think the event is going to draw lots of people,” said Tien.

Meanwhile, over at Hong River’s floating land, organizers plan to put up a traditional kite performance. Kites will fly in three levels. The north’s traditional kites, carrying bamboo flutes, will fly at a 300-500m height and visitors will be able to enjoy their melodious tunes and songs.

Traditional kites from Thailand, Malaysia, India, China and some European countries will be released at a height of 70-100m. For the finale, organizers hope to create a record by flying a dragon kite at a height of 1,000m, said Tien.

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