Healing Watch for Constant Jet Setters

There is no doubt that the ever exciting life of a globe trotter seems glamorous, invigorating and only has one drawback: jetlag. Celebrities, business executives, socialites as well as the average Joe suffer from this pesky inconvenience when crossing time zones. However, the easy fix to this nuisance could be found around your wrist.

That’s right! Philip Stein watches aren’t only sophisticated in design; they actually provide a healthy benefit. The natural frequencies are all around us, but are interrupted by technologies we use daily; computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc. To put our body’s natural frequencies back in sync, enter Philip Stein. The technology, created to harmonize an individual’s biofield and energy is exclusive to Philip Stein products.

The Philip Stein timepieces have been noted to help people recover quickly from jetlag, reduce stress, sleep and focus better. An outstanding amount of reports filtered in from people that frequently travel; actors, business executives and flight attendants alike credit their Philip Stein watches for the quick recovery of jetlag.

“With the travel demands of my occupation, at times in the past I had trouble getting consistent and adequate amounts of sleep. Consequently my body wasn’t able to optimally recover following my daily activities and strenuous training. Since wearing the watch however, once I hit the bed I’ve been falling asleep sooner and able to sleep throughout the night. With so many of the body’s recovery mechanisms occurring during sleep, the deeper sleep I am able to get helps me feel my very best the following day; ready to endure the challenges, stress, intense workouts, and travel demands,” said Keon Weise, Athletic Trainer for Orlando Magic.

Fan’s of Philip Stein timepieces include; Rupert Murdoch, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Alexander and Oprah Winfrey, who has twice named the watches as “one of her favorite things” are just a sampling of the brand’s enthusiasts.

Testimonials from users worldwide are received and cataloged for review. For a complete history of Philip Stein or technical information related to natural frequencies, please visit www.PhilipStein.com. For more information and product updates, please join the Philip Stein Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/PhilipSteinWorld .

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