Hong Kong launches Celebrity Olympics Advertising Campaign in Asia

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has launched its “Hong Kong Saddles Up For Olympics” promotion in Asia, officially rolling out its pan-regional publicity campaign for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Three renowned regional cable channels, namely the AXN, National Geographic Channel and ESPN STAR Sports have joined hands with the HKTB to produce special promotional videos featuring nine celebrities and international sports personalities. The videos, together with a TVC starring HKTB’s tourism ambassador Mr Jackie Chan, is now being aired on the three regional cable channels to reinforce publicity for Hong Kong as an Olympic co-host city, and to highlight Hong Kong’s distinctive living culture and diverse tourism appeal.

At the launch ceremony held on Tuesday, HKTB Chairman The Hon James Tien was joined by a host of celebrities appearing in the videos, including Canto-pop singers Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung, Olympics windsurfing gold medallist Lee Lai-shan, Asia and Hong Kong’s leading triathlete Lee Chi-wo, and Hong Kong golf open tournament contender James Stewart. Over a hundred guests joined the event and witnessed how the stars promote Hong Kong’s charm to overseas audience both on stage and in the promotional TVC and vignettes.

“The HKTB started its Olympic promotions in the long-haul markets late last year. Given that summer is traditionally the peak travel season for the short-haul markets, the HKTB will capitalise on Hong Kong’s edge as an Olympic co-host city and step up promotions in the Asian markets,” Mr Tien said. “By leveraging the influence of the celebrities and international sports personalities, we hope to widely publicise Hong Kong’s strengths as an Olympic co-host city, so as to elevate Hong Kong’s destination image.”

Apart from the celebrities present at the premiere, celebrities Karen Mok and Donnie Yen, former English team captain of Hong Kong Sevens Phil Greening and Hong Kong’s top international jockey Douglas Whyte also participated in the filming of the videos. All featured celebrities shared their joy of Hong Kong being a co-host city of the Beijing Olympics, followed by their vivid introduction of Hong Kong’s local cuisine, shopping and tourist attractions. Some of them even demonstrated their favourite sports.

AXN, ESPN STAR Sports and National Geographic Channel will feature promotional vignettes starring those nine celebrities and the TVC starring Jackie Chan for a month.

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