HotelClub Releases Findings on Worldwide Travel Packing Habits Survey

Before travelling, one has an itinerary, passport and an empty suitcase which one will live out of in a budget or luxury hotel for the next couple of weeks. asked its customers what their habits are when they are packing for their travels. found that no matter what method a person tries — there is no universal answer to the best method for packing…roiling, scrunching, folding or ‘throw it in and hope for the best’ were just some of the methods uncovered. It comes down to personal preference (and how big one’s suitcase is — within airline weight range).’s Concierge did find on his investigations that people try to pack too much into their suitcases. (People like to be prepared in case of emergencies).’s Concierge offers some handy tips for those who cannot face the chore of packing:

1. Compare one’s itinerary to the items in one’s wardrobe to avoid bringing any unnecessary items. Keep it to a minimum. Make packing hassle-free by mixing and matching tops and bottoms.

2. Accessorize – a scarf or jewellery can dress up an outfit or change its look entirely.

3. Footwear – try to opt for a few pairs of comfortable shoes (in neutral colours) that can be used with interchangeable with different outfits.

4. Check the weather. There are ten-day forecasts from weather bureaus so that one can pack accordingly for summer, winter, autumn or spring.

5. Sassy travellers have discovered that rolling clothes can often be the best way to maximise space in your suitcase. Don’t fret over the wrinkles and creases, as there will most probably be an iron in the hotel room or an ironing service to make use of.

6. Toiletries – try to take sample or small sized bottles of items where possible.

These tips are just a small selection of inside tips that has provided to make packing for the next dream holiday less stressful than previous journeys.

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