How to find Hunting Tours

Some countries in North America, Africa and Europe are still into Big Game Hunting nowadays. Its is all about the trophy wild animal when a seasoned hunter is out looking for the record breaking and impressive trophy.

The size, type, the length, the weight of the animal is all part of who bagged the biggest trophy. Africa for one is still hooked with the large big game hunting, Big game hunting in the United States is known for hunting the white tail deer, elk, bear, and other animals. In New Zealand, hunting birds and other animals is still popular while in Asia and Russia, black bear hunting is still the top hunting activity. What about Hunting tours? Different countries treat the tours differently.

According to statistics, there is still nearly over 100,000 brown and black bears and the population of the said Bear specie in Russia stays the same over the years with the largest population than any other country today. Since a large portion of black bear hunting is concentrated in the Pacific coast and the European parts of Russia, hunting tours is quite popular in this part of the world.

Equipped with Tactical Gun Armory and Sig Sauer p226 accessories, some hunting tours guides have been taking black bear tourist hunters to the wilderness in Russia for years. Tours offer different types of bear hunting in oat fields, by stalking a large black bear and bear hunting with dogs.

Hunting tours also offer lodging, set meals, hunting itinerary, 4×4 vehicle, hunting guides, hunting licenses, trophy prices, veterinary examination of trophy, cites, and interpreters for foreigners. Hunting tours usually last for up to seven days and it also includes some site seeing in Russia.

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