How to Plan your Vacation!

philippines travel guideEveryone deserves a great vacation to see family and friends or just to take a break and get away from the urban jungle. Before you travel, you have to be prepared for things you need to have for your most awaited vacation. Get a travel guide book and read it in order for you to know more about your dream destination. To start your travel planning, you have to make sure where do you want to go before buying travel tickets and make sure that tickets are kept in a secured place together with the confirmation number.

Make sure to have all the contact information of the ticketing office, hotel or tour guide for proper coordination once you have reached the destination. Follow up a week before your trip to check and see if your reservation is active and for you to have a Plan B if in case if you’re original plan is no longer feasible.

Arriving early in the airport, bus station or train station is recommended for you to have enough time if in case you forgot something. Bring extra money for your trip or you may check as well if your hotel and tour guide accepts other forms of payment other than cash.

Avoid lost luggage by putting proper identification and make sure to get the contact number of the airport security if in case there will be a problem. Bring light clothes and leave unnecessary things to avoid excessive baggage.

Always get a map and travel guide book, its good to read while you are onboard and it will also provide some useful information about your target destination. Remember that a little preparation before you leave will go a long way towards making your trip more enjoyable.

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