HyperLive and EBX Sign MoU to Promote and Livestream Events in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HyperLive Entertainment, a fast-growing livestreaming platform based in Singapore, and Ebenex ("EBX"), a leading events production house, today announced that the companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-organize, promote and livestream events in Singapore.

Desmond Pang(Left), Vice President of Business Development at HyperLive, with David Toh (Right), Ebenex's founder and managing director, at the MoU signing ceremony
Desmond Pang(Left), Vice President of Business Development at HyperLive, with David Toh (Right), Ebenex’s founder and managing director, at the MoU signing ceremony

The physical events industry in Singapore has taken a huge hit in the past couple of years due to sustained periods of COVID-19 restrictions. Conversely, the livestreaming industry has been rapidly gaining traction, growing 99% from Apr 2019 to Apr 2020, and is expected to be worth $247 billion by 2027.

Event organisers are increasingly taking a virtual approach for their events as organising large-scale physical events have been challenging in the current climate. As Singapore begins to transit into an endemic state of living, hybrid events held physically in a controlled setting while being beamed live to a larger audience online, seems to be the way forward.

Desmond Pang, Vice President of Business Development at HyperLive, said, "We are slowly moving into a post-recovery stage where the capacity restrictions on physical events will be gradually lifted, but there is still a gap between events and the targeted audience. This collaboration will allow us, together with EBX, to provide a creative end-to-end solution that can help more events go digital to plug that gap and reach out to wider audiences."

The collaboration will see selected EBX events livestreamed on HyperLive’s flagship platform, HyperLive.tv, introducing fun and interactive elements to the events in a virtual setting. Despite operating for only seven weeks, the platform has already featured several high-profile events, including the recent All Stars e-Getai Charity Concert 2, where HyperLive first collaborated with EBX to produce a highly successful virtual fundraising concert. The concert raised over $200,000 for NTUC-U Care Fund, demonstrating the potential of HyperLive’s interactive features, including live gifting and polling. HyperLive’s technology is powered by another Singapore start-up, BeLive Technology, which develops livestreaming capabilities and supports several industry giants such as Rakuten, Bukalapak, Zalora and even our local telco M1.

Desmond further elaborated, "It has been challenging for us as a start-up, but it is heartening to know that we have been acknowledged by industry leaders, and for us to have this wonderful opportunity to work closely with EBX. The whole event and live-streaming landscape is evolving and it excites us to be at the forefront of this revolution in the digital landscape, and collaborating with like-minded people and companies such as David Toh (founder and managing director of EBX) & EBX."

Through the collaboration, HyperLive and EBX also hopes to support the live music industry and usher in a new hybrid era of live-meets-virtual concert experience. They also intend to use performing arts to propagate social good and raise funds for charities while creating a sustainable ecosystem for musicians and the music industry.

"Our company, Ebenex – EBX Event Solutions is very pleased to be partnering Hyperlive as our live streaming platform partner as both organisations share similar mindsets and heartsets in using music and event technology to do social good. We love the ease of use in deploying our virtual event productions onto the platform and the interactivity the platform has with our online audience. This also allows our companies to further achieve our goal of offering all our clients and stakeholders a 360, end-to-end event solutions from conceptualisation all the way to post-production," said David Toh, on the possibilities ahead following the agreement.

EBX has an existing strategic partnership with *SCAPE to manage and market *SCAPE Live! Studios, powered by EBX, a mega 3-in-1 production studio which taps on EBX’s production expertise to educate, develop and support the growth of local youths across dance, entrepreneurship, eSports, media, and music.

About HyperLive

Launched in August 2021, HyperLive.tv is the ultimate entertainment platform to watch live shows and events. HyperLive.tv combines music, entertainment, lifestyle and exclusivity with highly interactive features that makes for an engaging viewing experience – HyperLive has created a unique and exciting way to broadcast and watch content live.

About EBX

Ebenex (EBX) Event Solutions is an end to end, 360, live, virtual and hybrid events solutions provider. EBX believes in being technically creative in order to find interesting ways to bring events to life through captivating storytelling in a collaborative manner. By bringing on board the latest industry driving technical production processes, the company takes what is in the real world, and composite it into virtual environments. Where there are both live and virtual audiences, EBX strives to ensure that the audience experience is consistent in a manner where ‘live meets virtual’.

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