Innovative Operation Method for a Hong Kong Pig Farm: Hong Kong Heritage Pork founder John Lau Hon Kit has implemented a self-breeding, self-raising, and self-sale technique

HONG KONG, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong Heritage Pork is a leading supplier of pork and has always prided itself on letting everyone in Hong Kong indulge in fresh, delicious and safe local pork of the highest quality for every meal. To accomplish and maintain this goal, John Lau Hon Kit, the founder of Hong Kong Heritage Pork, implemented a new pig farm operation method that revolves around the concept of self-breeding, self-raising, and self-sale.

hong kong heritage pork
hong kong heritage pork

Lau maintains that owning a farm is the only way to buy and breed the best pigs and ensure the quality of pork is top-class and scrumptious. Backing up his own advice, John Lau Hon Kit personally supervises the breeding of pigs at his farms. He also ensures the pigs on his farms are well fed and eat top-quality feed that is certified by the European Union in order to keep them healthy. Furthermore, he makes sure the feed given to his pigs contains no added hormones and unnecessary or excessive drugs. As a result of his unwavering commitment for perfection, he has been able to deliver pork of the highest quality that is tasty, safe to consume, and enjoyed all over Hong Kong. He has also been active in self-marketing Hong Kong Heritage Pork, saying the meat can be delivered fresh and on time.

John Lau Hon Kit’s Hong Kong Heritage Pork pig farms are located in Sheung Pak Nai and Kam Tin. The design and layouts are based on world-leading pig farms in Europe and are specifically tailor-made to suit Hong Kong’s subtropical climate. A scientific approach has been adopted to manage the farms as multiple sensors have been installed on each barn. Top-notch livestock equipment from renowned European pig raising countries, such as the Netherlands and Denmark, also ensures proper sanitation and epidemic prevention measures are in place to protect the pigs. The farms also have weather and environmental control facilities, which means the temperature, humidity, wind speed, carbon dioxide, and ammonia content are automatically monitored around the clock. This enables the pigs that are bred by Hong Kong Heritage Pork to be comfortable, healthy and disease-free.

John Lau Hon Kit and Hong Kong Heritage Pork’s employees also monitor the status of the pigsties on the computer. The strictest security protocols are in place if a decision is made to perform any operations as fingerprints must be authenticated to verify the identity of employees. Such methods are enforced to minimise the potential of any risks.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork’s pig farms are the only ones in the city that use batch breeding. This is where young pigs are kept and weaned for the first 28 days after being born. After this, the pigs will be transported to another location.

One of the major benefits of raising pigs on a pig farm is that it can significantly reduce the chances of cross-infection between newborn and adult pigs. Furthermore, the threat of pathogens being spread is greatly reduced as well, which ensures the safety and quality of pork that is being supplied by Hong Kong Heritage Pork to the public to consume.

In addition to batch breeding, John Lau Hon Kit’s pig farms are also the only ones in Hong Kong with a veterinary consultant that regularly checks the health of the pigs. This allows Hong Kong Heritage Pork to assure that the pork people buy and eat is not only rich and flavorful in taste, but safe and fresh as well. At Hong Kong Heritage Pork, leading animal husbandry experts from Denmark act as medical consultants and visit Hong Kong regularly to inspect the pig farms and provide professional advice. The experts also ensure that the hygiene and safety levels at the pig farms improve on a continuous basis. By adhering to the highest standards and always striving for perfection in our goal of supplying the best pork, John Lau Hon Kit can guarantee that the pigs bred at Hong Kong Heritage Pork grow up safe and healthy.

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