International Exchange Event Celebrating Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival Unveiled at Beijing CBD

BEIJING, Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, an international cultural exchange event revolving around the traditional festival took place at Beijing CBD on the evening of September 17, 2021. The event was co-organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) and Beijing Central Business District (Beijing CBD), and was held by Beijing CBD International Investment Promotion Co., Ltd. Diplomats from 20 countries, former Chinese ambassadors and foreign media representatives in Beijing appreciated intangible cultural heritage, admired a lantern show and experienced the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture at Beijing CBD.

Third Secretary of Zimbabwe and his family making dough figures, a traditional Chinese art form.
Third Secretary of Zimbabwe and his family making dough figures, a traditional Chinese art form.

Dance: Flying Apsaras
Dance: Flying Apsaras

The event took place at China Grill on the 66th floor of Beijing Yintai Center. Through its glass curtain walls, the well-known restaurant offers a stunning view of Beijing CBD at night. "This place is hailed as the closest point in Beijing to the Moon," said Wang Hao, Secretary of the CPC Chaoyang District Committee, describing the event as an incredible opportunity to get together ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The event featured five themed interactive experience zones, allowing the guests to get a taste of traditional Chinese culture and the jubilant atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

According to Wang, Chaoyang District, where Beijing CBD is located, is a core area for Beijing’s role as the capital and an important center for international exchanges and has forged partnerships with 30 cities in 24 countries. After 20 years of development, Beijing CBD has emerged as a vibrant area with a flourishing economy, a strong appeal to global consumers and significantly enhanced international competitiveness. It ranked seventh worldwide, second in Asia and first in China in the 2020 Attractiveness of Global Business Districts report.

This year marks the first anniversary of Beijing CBD’s inclusion in the International Business Services Area of China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Noting the coincidental timing, Wu Hailong, President of the CPDA, hoped that the event could serve as a great platform promoting multilateral cooperation and highlighting Beijing CBD’s role in connecting China with the rest of the world.

"The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional holiday for family reunions in China. Today’s activities give me a deeper understanding of Chinese culture," commented Rahamtalla M. Osman, permanent representative of the African Union to China. He also expected that Beijing CBD could provide more opportunities for African companies and other multinationals, turning the fascinating place into a new bond between China and Africa.

The Mid-Autumn Festival-themed event is a sideline event of the 2021 Beijing CBD Forum. The Beijing CBD Forum has been held 21 times consecutively. "Culture is the best medium for communication. In addition to business activities, we have also organized international exchange events this year, in the hope of promoting international communication and exchanges through culture," said a person in charge of Beijing CBD. Currently, Beijing CBD is working to create a world-class service environment, ramp up the opening-up of the services sector and building of the Beijing Pilot Free Trade Zone, continuously improve the business environment and promote the development of international education and healthcare services and infrastructure and the development of international talent communities. In doing so, it hopes to attract more people from around the world to invest, work and live there and share new development opportunities.

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Caption: Third Secretary of Zimbabwe and his family making dough figures, a traditional Chinese art form.

Caption: Dance: Flying Apsaras

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