Is Choosing an Ecommerce Software Integral for your Travel Business?

There are various ecommerce software available online which offers almost the same features and functionality.  Most E-commerce Software offers complete solutions for merchants to sell online.  Ashop Commerce offers a user friendly and complete solution for merchants to sell almost everything online. Ashop Commerce has the most complete features that you’ll ever need for your online store.  You don’t even need to setup the online payment yourself as it is integrated into the software itself.

The software can be customized for use with Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and other HTML editing programs, thus programming knowledge is not really nescessary. The product pages are typically HTML with a space for the product to be listed whereas the other pages (such as the checkout) are more versatile.

The software also allows for products to be listed in more than one category and best of all this software will allow you to link your products listed in Ebay Stores. The shopping cart program creates a static url form which you can insert in emails and newsletter. Best of all, you can sell intangible items or downloadable programs like mp3’s, e-books with the use of this shopping cart software.

Joining their affiliates program will give you additional source of income. One can make 30% of the total sign up fee and also a further 5% commission will be paid if your referred affiliate signs up a client with Ashop Commerce.

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