Island Rose Revolutionizes the Philippine Flower Industry and Sets a Benchmark in Philippine E-commerce

The Philippine flower industry will never be the same again. Island Rose has long been a benchmark for Philippine flower businesses. In 1980, it was the first to commercially produce flowers under greenhouses earning pioneer status as the very first company to be classified under the then new cut flower industry. Prior to this, all cut flower production was classified under the rather broad agriculture sector. It has since won many entrepreneurship and business awards in the Philippines.

Today, the company continues to introduce revolutionary ideas. In the year 2000, Island Rose launched the first nationwide Internet based Philippine flower delivery service. Through, three notable achievements where accomplished.

First, it changed the way Filipinos perceived flower delivery. Before the advent of, a visit to a Philippine flower shop involved a lot of questions and answers. Where is your shop? What arrangements are available? How much will it cost? Can you deliver flowers in this area? How much does it cost? Where do the flowers come from? The website changed all of this. The company is accessible anywhere in the world through a regular Internet connection. The products and prices are organized in a way that is convenient for the customer. And to further simplify matters, it offers free nationwide flower delivery. By eliminating the clutter that came with Philippine flower delivery, Island Rose made the service accessible to thousands of customers.

Second, it gave Filipinos the chance to order fresh flowers straight from the farm. No more middlemen here. Island Rose customers order their flowers straight from the source. Island Rose has long been a leading wholesaler of flowers in the Philippines through its network of flowers shops. But now, it is possible to order first class flowers freshly harvested from their farm. Flowers are delivered fresh, fast, and fair priced. According to Arnold Andaya, vice president for operations “Our straight from the farm concept is the most reliable way to send fresh flowers in the Philippines”

Third, it proved that the Internet is a viable medium for e-commerce business in the Philippines. In the year 2000, there where hardly any Philippine e-commerce sites. Retailing over the Internet was almost non-existent. Today, a search through the Internet shows dozens of Philippine e-commerce retailers. While in other countries, books, software, clothes and travel lead the on-line retailing scene, in the Philippines, flowers dominate the marketplace. This is partly due to Island Rose and its long reaching network of affiliates and distribution partners. It is estimated that 80% of on-line Philippine flower delivery services are connected to the Island Rose network in some way. As the very first Internet retailer to offer nationwide delivery, it paved the way for many Philippine e-commerce business retailers as well. If you look closely, influences of can be found on dozens of Philippine e-commerce businesses in different industries.

With hundreds of thousands of deliveries under its belt, Island Rose is considered the leading Philippine flower delivery service and a benchmark in e-commerce retailing. With its outstanding products, excellent customer service, and reliable ordering system, there is simply no other place to go for fresh flowers. When you rely on a company to send gifts to your loved ones, trust is of utmost importance. In this regard, Island Rose stands above the rest.

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