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It’s more fun to retire in the Philippines

It’s more fun to retire in the Philippines!

Come to think of it, it’s really more fun to enjoy running, hiking, biking, cooking, food tripping and then sunset-watching before the cool evening or stargazing when the night falls.

These, as one thinks of a leisurely life in the horizon under the retirement program prepared by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA).

What could be more than better than what PRA is offering to former Filipino citizens and foreigners looking for a lower cost of living, almost endless eco-tourism destinations, quality services and the world renown Filipino hospitality in their sunset years.

”In fact, there is a total of 106 nationalities in the Philippines residing as retirees and/or dependants in Manila, Makati, Calabarzon (Calamba, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon), Cebu, Clark, Subic, Baguio and Davao wherein PRA has put up satellite offices near the areas,” said division chief-processing division, Annalyn A. Eria, during an interview with the Philippines News Agency (PNA).

PRA has approximately 16,000 active participants at the moment from Asian nationalities like Chinese, Koreans and Japanese with European roots like the British, Germans, French, etc.

”We are targeting a 20-percent increase on foreign applicants or exactly 3,120 persons by the end of this year. This increase will be able to help our job retirement industry immensely as every retiree is equals to two jobs or more, which is a great help to our economy,” Eria added.

’Smile at Life in the Philippines’ is the invitation of the PRA to former Filipino citizens and foreign nationals in line with their Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) Program which offers retirement at its zenith.

With four options to choose from – SRRV Smile, SRRV Classic, SRRV Courtesy and SRRV Human Touch, the applicant can harness the same benefits without being tight on budget.

”The SRRV Visa Deposit ranges from US$ 1,500 to US$ 50,000 with a minimum age of 35 years old,” said Irma S. Lappay, corporate planning–division chief.

”It’s like a choose-your-own account with the perks and benefits on your fingertips; from staying in the Philippines indefinitely, exemptions from various taxes and clearance to discounts on specific facilities like spas, resorts, country clubs and so on,” said Lappay.

Mervin A. Magbuhat, planning officer on corporate planning, added “Aside from being able to stay in the Philippines within an unlimited period, retirees also get to bring two dependants initially a wife/husband and a child. Beyond that, an additional deposit is required.”

PRA is working together with private companies or “merchant partners” in order to give the retirees perks and benefits mentioned above.

”Also, we have a Social Dynamics Unit that organizes events and programs to keep the retirees abreast with the organization and give them a gateway to kill time,” Eria said.

Summer Opening events, Lakbay-Saya field trip, PRA Sports fest and such are only a few of the activities PRA has to offer.

With more than a handful of perks and benefits to reap, PRA makes sure that the organization is able to maintain their quality service and carefully designed programs made to entice and encourage former Filipinos and foreigners to come over.

Ray R. Sousa, division chief of the marketing department, said “We continue to innovate. We don’t rest on our laurels. We come up with regular meetings and consultations with different agencies as to how we can better the lives and uplift the standard of living of local and foreign retirees alike.”

”It’s not like once they have their visa, that’s the end. We continue to take care of them through services. If they have other concerns beyond the organization’s interest like choosing a type of dog to adopt or buy, we do our best to assist them,” Eria added.

With staff and people dedicated to improve their service to the growing member of applicants for the SRRV Program, no doubt the Philippines is the ideal haven for the middle aged, the old, the grandchildren and the young-at-heart, foreigners or not.

Certainly, these are some of the reasons why “It’s more fun to retire in the Philippines!” (PNA)

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