IZIVAT launches online tax-free shopping with international delivery

A French start-up turned the pandemic into opportunities for international shoppers

SHANGHAI, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IZIVAT was already known for its mobile application, allowing travelers to easily get their VAT refund back from any shop in France. Following the sharp decrease in global travel due to the pandemic, recently, the start-up quickly turned around to offer a new solution that lets international shoppers purchase European goods from abroad, have it delivered overseas in no time, all while getting the VAT refund.

IZIVAT launches online tax-free shopping with international delivery
IZIVAT launches online tax-free shopping with international delivery

How this French start-up re-invented itself?
Following the Codiv-19 outbreak, many international travelers and families found themselves missing their favorite goods. It proved itself often impossible to get European shops to deliver abroad, and even when possible, customers ended up paying hefty international delivery fees without getting their VAT back.

That is where IZIVAT stepped in, listening to its customers and addressing their pain points by offering the possibility to claim their VAT back on the goods they bought on European e-shops and have them delivered overseas at an affordable rate. This means that they can now enjoy Tax-free shopping on their favorite European brands without travelling!

How does it work?
After registering on IZIVAT website, users receive instruction details. They can then buy from French or European* e-shops using IZIVAT’s invoicing name and address.

IZIVAT collect the goods and take care of the international shipping. Goods are never opened, and all the shipments are insured to their real values. The VAT refund is sent where users like it most (Paypal, Wechat, or Bank transfer).

Will Crossborder shipment be the future of Tax-Free shopping?
While European tourism industry usually accounts for half the world’s tourist arrival, only 5% of the usual tourists have visited Paris this summer, moreover the World Tourism organization predicts the number of tourists will decrease by 60 to 80% worldwide in 2020. By bringing this new solution, IZIVAT also plans to support European merchants in reconnecting with their lost customers, as explained by the founder and CEO of IZIVAT, "We believe innovative digital solutions could significantly help Europeans retailers to increase customers reach. Crossborder ecommerce is a strong driver for them while in the same time Customers shall be offered a fair price and avoid paying double taxes."

IZIVAT was created in 2019 to assist international travelers in their tax free journey. Influenced by Asian digital revolution and its focus on flawless customer experience, they joined force to put the customer in the center of the shopping experience. IZIVAT team combines 30 years of experience in finance, payment, and tax-free shopping.

*For purchase in other European countries than France, please contact IZIVAT team via their livechat first.

For more details, please visit: https://www.izivat.com, hello@izivat.fr


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