JOOX unveils new Buzz feature to strengthen its social entertainment ecosystem, building a larger, more interactive community of music fans

  • Riding on the huge success of video karaoke, JOOX further enhances its video entertainment feature with the launch of Buzz to build up its social community, while hyping up talented people to further showcase their creativity with more social interactions
  • Unique fans community gives music lovers more opportunities to interact with their beloved artists and meet other fans with the same interests

HONG KONG, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Music and entertainment streaming is evolving faster than ever, and people all around the world just can’t get enough of listening to, watching and interacting with their favorite artists, celebrities and content creators. JOOX is raising the bar and setting its sights on broader horizons with its latest vision of becoming the world’s most dedicated entertainment ecosystem that creates value in everyone’s daily lives. This complements its mission to innovate the way users are entertained, as well as how they interact with and inspire each other, by empowering diverse talents to unleash their creativity.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of JOOX
Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of JOOX

With these goals in mind, JOOX is launching the brand-new Buzz short video feature, elevating the platform even further by not only providing its users with content such as the over 40 million songs in its music library, but by also serving as an avenue for creative people to showcase and cultivate their talent.

Through the new Buzz feature, JOOX further enhances its video entertainment capabilities, encouraging more social interaction among users, fans, artists and content creators through its social and fan economy that consists of coins, gifts, likes, comments and votes. JOOX Buzz allows artists, talents and any user to share their entertaining and inspiring short videos to the platform, and interact through comments, likes, direct inbox messages, or gifting to show their appreciation to each other. There will be more opportunities for music enthusiasts to interact with their most beloved artists and meet other fans with the same interests, thus building a fan community within the platform.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of JOOX, said, "Riding on the success of our video karaoke function, JOOX further strengthens its video features with the launch of JOOX Buzz to build up a social community that can empower diversely talented and creative people to unleash their full potential. This reflects our drive to be the ultimate go-to music and entertainment platform that connects artists, content creators and fans, leveraging our comprehensive social entertainment ecosystem."

Through JOOX Buzz, JOOX highlights its support for international and local artists by encouraging more interaction between them and their fans. The JOOX editorial team always dances to the beat of the local music scene to keep up with new trends, with initiatives such as inviting artists to exclusively share their Buzz videos and exploring hot topics to engage JOOX fans with via challenges and games, such as the classic movie dialogue challenge, among others. To celebrate Korean star Kang Daniel’s comeback and the release of his latest mini-album, JOOX has also invited DANITY and all users to share Buzz videos with the hashtag #danity to stand a chance to win a signed copy of his album, while Daniel might check out your Buzz video!

Content creators just need to find their creative spark and be able to easily share their work for the whole world to see! JOOX not only offers a platform with various tools for users to fully express themselves, but it also uses multiple resources to support and promote them. Now everyone can be a star!

Apart from the new Buzz feature, JOOX users also have other interactive and entertaining options to experience, including music shows and programs, podcasts and karaoke. Indeed, JOOX is ready to fill the world with music and entertainment like no other!

Ready for your turn in the spotlight? Everything you need is in JOOX! Experience the Buzz feature now, share your videos and enjoy your choice of music anytime, anywhere by downloading the JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website.

Download now to start your premium music journey today!

About JOOX

JOOX is a music app made for music lovers. With more than 40 million songs in its music library from all over the world, JOOX connects you to your favourite artists, songs, albums and personalized playlists. Users can discover great new music with recommended songs and radio stations that fit your taste and mood. JOOX is now available on iOS, Android and Desktop (Windows/Mac), allowing users to enjoy a free high quality music experience anytime, anywhere.

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